Does Your Business Need A Brand Identity? — 5 Burning Questions You Should Ask Yourself!

If you are a small or medium business, you will often revisit the burning question of having a Brand Identity for your business. Also being surrounded by technical and management people around, having someone to discuss ‘the design & art’ is out of the question.

Brand Identity — 5 Burning Questions Answered

Based on my 7 years experience with a diverse category of businesses and dealing with their curiosity about ‘Brand Design’, following are the 5 questions you should ask yourself about the Brand Identity.

1. How do you Feel about your Brand or Business?

Working closely with small and medium businesses, I have found out that sometimes people are not enthusiastic about their business, in general. This creates an impression in their mind that their existing efforts to grow their business are just good enough, and they don’t need to invest more or work harder to achieve new heights.

At the same time, I have also met with the business owners, who are very concerned about how people look at them and their businesses. When you feel great about your brand and you are in the process of constantly evolving the business, then you should surely go for Brand Identity Overhaul no matter what business you are into.

2. Does Branding Really Matter?

Be the individual businessmen who handle most of the things on his own, or a CEO of some medium size company, if you believe ‘Your business doesn’t need to stand out with creative design elements,’, you should seriously rethink your marketing goals for the business.

Research has shown that there is a difference between “what you want” and “what is right”. So whatever you think may be wrong because in a small company you lack the expertise of “Collective Intelligence”, and what you have to rely on is to consult with other relevant professionals and ask them. This discussion will help you self-contradict the strategies you have, to discover the power of design. As we visit fellow business owners for business development, talk about brand design too.
In fact, as a leader you should add this to your routine brand development exercise.

3. You have studied the competition, and they are not bothered about their brand identity.

I appreciate your extra efforts to study your competition, but it not necessary that you do everything equivalent to your competition. You should follow your own intuition and above all YOUR OWN BUSINESS IDENTITY1. — We want to do things in a better way, and outperform them in every way. And guess what? — Branding will build solid identity of your products or services with your customers.
And being the first brand in your market, you will be remembered for years.

4. I’ll do Branding When My Business Gets Bigger.

It’s obvious, but in contrary it is not right.

Perhaps more than anything you should first think logically. It’s very logical that when your business grows people start identifying you and if your brand identity is missing at that time, people will just remember whatever your name is.

When people start remembering you by your name there is no symbol, no colors, no design, no message, no vision associated with it. This makes it tougher to get Brand Identity after a few years, but most importantly it takes painfully long time for your target customer to accept it.

Historically popular brands have failed by thinking like this, and then they had to spend millions of dollars on ‘Rethinking the brand identity’ once again.

5. You think that Brand Presence is Advertising.

I have met many experienced professionals that are unable to differentiate between Brand Presence and Advertising.

There is a huge difference between brand presence and advertising. Brand presence is merely the first step that involves developing Logo or Mascot, Collaterals, Online presence with Responsive Website and basically your entire brand identity.

But Advertising is the second step; it involves promotions, events, digital marketing campaigns, PR campaigns and so on. Advertising can be only pursued after your branding is complete. Imagine you’ve built a massive online campaign where you don’t have a name or symbol people can remember.

It will not create as powerful impact, because people will not be able to identify your brand afterwards, and your advertising will give you the transient results.

I hope these questions will help you identify the design needs for your business, and help you make the right decisions. Do let me know your thoughts in comments section below, or you can also give a shout out to meon twitter @vishalraina3d.