Small Things Matter

There was once a boy, he went to a saint and said “I want the best, and I want to do big things in my life.

Saint smiled and said “Ok, do one thing first, get me the biggest rose in this rose garden, but on one condition, you cannot come back to same plant that you have visited.

The boy started looking for the biggest and best rose, in its quest, he started hopping around the rose garden from one plant to next.

He saw one rose, but then went ahead for the more bigger one. He could not stop himself on finding a bigger flower. He could see the flower in the adjacent plant bigger than the present one. And he just kept moving on to the adjacent plant..

This continued for a long time, but then there came a time when he could not find a bigger flower. The more he went from one plant to next, the more frustrated he became. He got unhealthy, warped flowers.

Dejected and recognising that he missed a chance of bringing a flower for the saint, he reached near saint.

Saint smiled and said “Life is not about doing big things, life is about enjoying small moments, those who run after big things end up with nothing”.

Small things do matter and they just add up over time in the beautiful ways you might have never imagined.

I can realize this when I look back in life, it was those things which we do everyday that makes us. Those small acts of compassion, hard work, gratitude, letting go the ego, focussing on teachings and acting upon them are the things that make us.

For 4 years, I ran after some large goal, made changes in my schedule, left many things behind, meticulously planning for that next big thing. I ended up with nothing :)

Now, I have just realized, that instead of running after big things, just do your bit, do things that you can do, make those small increments. There is a joy in those small things.

You can actually win someone`s heart by just offering simple things in life.

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