Limit your choices — Simplify your Life!

How can limiting your choices simplify your life? This may seem very counterintuitive. Having lots of choices gives a feeling of Freedom & Prosperity. Having a limited choice smacks of scarcity — and how could scarcity ease out your life?

Let me try to explain this with something that i recently went through -

After lot of deliberation, I finally decided last month to switch over to iPhone. There are many reasons for this but the main one is interestingly the same reason why I initially got attracted to Android — “Choice”.

If you are on Android, you have lots of choices. There are hundreds of handsets from a variety of companies — some have amazing looks, some have great cameras, some have very good battery life, some have the latest cutting edge features. The Android OS itself is very open. You can customise / change almost every default feature of Android with third-party alternatives without even rooting the device. Well and if you choose to, you can install a completely different Operating System (Custom ROM) as well.

This was all great and exciting to a geek like me until now.

As per my current viewpoint, too much of choice is an overkill. And a person like me will get drowned in doing the analysis (i love it!) — digging down in details, weighing the options. But seriously, I realised that it’s a wastage of time…

Every year or so, I had to make a decision — which phone to choose and every few months I used to get bogged down by — what third-party keyboard to use, what voice recognition software, what app to use for reminders, for note taking, for browsing, for task management, whether it works on all platforms or not (since I have a Macbook as my main work computer & a iPad Mini). And the plethora of choices available within Android ecosystem used to make my job painstakingly difficult. So, i took a simple way out… I chose to go for iPhone and selected the default & best apps within Apple ecosystem. I knew that iPhone may lag behind on some of the latest advancements that other tech companies roll out early but I was sure that Apple will bring them sooner or later — and that too with a better UX!

Well there are the other solid reasons as well why i chose to switch from Android to iPhone — but will save it for some other blog…

Life is much more simpler, if you limit the number the choices. If you limit the options, you don’t waste your precious time & energy looking for the perfect choice. You free up your cognitive space for more important matters.

In the end, what you choose doesn’t matter, what matters is an uncluttered & peaceful mind!

If you are still have a doubt, go ahead and google to find out why Mark Zuckerberg & Steve Jobs used to wear the same T-shirt everyday…

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