The next day of the first day

Versova Beach Tour

Today I woke up early just because of the zeal that I will do something substantial that could be worth writing in today’s blog. We had a plan to visit the Juhu beach early morning. I was sceptical of the success of the plan the moment I heard of its start time and as expected, nobody turned up. I had my flatmate who accompanied me for my morning walk. He had visited the beach once so I didn’t need to check the way on my phone maps. We went to Versova beach instead. It was the dirtiest place I have been to. But I found one thing very astonishing. People were farming, making square patches of vegetation right on the beach. We asked them what they were growing. We got the answer-methi. We had respect for them seeing their efforts, making small huts, growing in such a loose soil and getting just a handful of crops. We just prayed that water may not come to their place as they were only a little distance away from the water that was showing its maximum power today.

First cooking attempt

As soon as we returned, it was raining again and I remembered my words from my last blog of being lucky at that moment. I was lucky today too. This was my first weekend in my new flat and today we had to arrange for lunch and dinner on our own which we usually used to do in the office. What now? We took our umbrellas, our wallets and hopped to the nearest shops to buy some groceries and other stuff. I had never cooked anything in my life. The only work I did was making tea for my parents and a little help while making sweets at festivals etc. But now the shit got real. Lucky again, my flatmate had correct cooking concepts like how much salt, water and heat etc is required at what time and we began to cook. I mistakingly added a little more water and our poha became a khichdi, though we were consoling ourselves calling it a upma. Those who didn’t get what it was like, you can think of it as a paste of vegetables and vermicelli. Sounds bad but we found it very tasty. Then I felt how good the food tasted if made with enthusiasm, that too for the first time and on our own.


It was raining heavily and I could not go around anywhere. I had to go and check the timings of Andheri Sports Complex but it was all raining cats and dogs. We had table tennis in our society but we haven’t bought any bats thus kept ourselves in our rooms. After chatting and talking to some of my closest friends, I decided to do something productive.

Now I had the entire internet to search for and read. I recently got a mail from Apollo Stack asking me whether I have made anything using GraphQL as I had registered to their mailing lists and slack channels. This showed me a fruit to pluck from a tree, that too from a high tree. GraphQL was an advanced technology which Facebook made public recently but had been using since 2012. Companies like Twitter, Intuit and Drupal are adopting it. In a nutshell, it is a way to query multiple data sources from a single endpoint. I read about it as much as I can. I will come up with a detailed explanation of it in near future. It will not have my personal bullshit and will be a dedicated technical blog with a tutorial to make an app hopefully.

Old Habit Reborn

Besides that, today was a nice day but not that productive as I thought it could have been. I encouraged one of my friend to write a blog too and hope to read that tomorrow. I downloaded a new app (after a lot of searching because I am a Windows Phone person, cheers to all the Windows phone users out there, I can understand your hardships) to save my daily time table. I used to make that during my school days and my day seem to have greater number of hours if I made a schedule hour-by-hour. I hope to end my tomorrow’s blog with less guilt and more success stories than today. About the promise that I made yesterday, you all were right, tomorrow never comes and I didn’t go to the gym today, though I have a solid reason for that, it was raining very heavily.

TV Shows

The world is in huge turmoil with the Brexit event. I saw the show- Last week tonight with John Oliver about Britain’s exit from EU, didn’t like it enough because of the continuous chanting of the F-word which he considered very hilarious. Monday is coming which will bring us the last episode of our so-loved “Game of Thrones” season-6. This season will finally end with positiveness hopefully (because one episode is still left and the show is very unexpected) and not like what they did in the last season. Stay safe and wish you all good health. Take care because the night is full of terrors and life is filled with lots of surprises.