This is why Newton would have made an ideal Product Guy.

Let me make this clear -

Gravity has nothing to do with this post. *Although you need to be at the GROUND level — amongst your users that is.*

Force too has nothing to do with this post. *The need for a strong inner FORCE to say no to most ideas not withstanding*

What is this about then?

Well let me explain.

It’s Newton’s Third Law. You couldn't forget this even if you tried. Here it is…

‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’

Now look at it from a product viewpoint: 
User does action = Gets Value.

In product you will come across funnels - fancy ones at that - with an aim to continuously optimize the same. 
For example look at payment funnel — Login, Visit, Attempt and finally Success. There are drop offs at each step.

What if each action done by the user could get them an expected reaction - the VALUE?

You mean barely any drop off’s?

Yes. Imagine the Funnel now becomes more like a Tunnel. What you give is what you get! And the best place to try this out?

The Home screen.

Be it the mobile app, wap or web, the screen on which the user lands on is VERY important.

It must provide a snapshot of the value that the user will get by performing an action.

Do Action = Get Value.

What then must be include into your Home screen?

Well look at your product vision & goal. How does it aim to become an ideal assistant to help your user solve their problem?

Also look at your existing product funnel. 
Look at your key metrics — are they well represented on your Home screen?

If there was simply one screen your users would use then what would it contain & why? 
How do you make it super convenient for your user to do the most with the least? 
Answer these & change your Home screen for the better.

What’s needed in the Home screen?

  • Action(s) user must do
  • Value user receives

What’s not needed in the Home screen?

  • Give all but receive little
  • To search for the reward

Remember — out of sight is out of mind.

Let’s look at some of the better designed Home Screen’s out there -

  • Google Play Store

Do action = Search app/ Select app from well defined categories

Get value = Install app

  • AirBnB

Do action = Search places in your preferred location or recommended location

Get Value = See listing & book

  • YouTube

Do action = Search videos or select recommended/ subscribed videos

Get value = View Video

  • Clean Master

Do action = Clear app(s) which slow down the phone

Get value = Get a Faster Phone

  • SHAREit

Do action = Choose to Share OR Receive

Get value = Get OR send files at blazing speed

What snapshot can you present your user such that they get the most value from your product?

Now go ahead & wake up your inner Newton!

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