Let’s all get young again!

Another 12th of April that got done,
The first day of stepping into the summer sun
A little over excited I’m sure we all used to be,
For this 13th always marked the beginning of vacation fun!

From a two month long holiday that we got,
To a few goodbyes that we sought
With the hope of seeing our close friends soon
No WhatsApp no Facebook just a wave and a walk!

Stepping into the summer sun when it meant,
Countless bruises on the knees,
And not to forget the divine happiness in gully cricket
Which kept us all, under the scorching summer sun at ease.

Results when came in the middle of nowhere!
Like a sudden thunderstorm that we forgot!
To momentarily take away from us all,
The freedom, the fun making a huge mental clot!

Then usually came a time of outbound happiness,
A new uniform and maybe new shoes when we bought
And neatly stacking and covering all of those,
New books and folders that we got!

Somewhere intuitively we all knew, with the new year and a new grade
A whole lot of surprises and maturity that we thought would come in us
Which all vanished on the very first day
When we found us all completely the same again — funny, innocent and the same old fuss!

School was cool, somewhere we grew in a flash
Not realizing we were creating random memories in a stack!
On every moment that later on we looked back from the past
As we raced away from ourselves so fast!

It’s good to glimpse back into these memories some day
For those are what make you, you today
Long stories we might’ve left behind
Many told and numerous untold in our minds!

So quick it all seems to have flown away,
But somewhere today I feel younger again.
Let’s pack the bag and head for the last day at school,
Or maybe get ready for a long summer holiday again!

With friends and family and all day of play,
And those vacations to nani’s place
Full of love and overfilled with joy,
It is special: In one way, in many ways!

Let’s someday be a kid once more,
Let’s relive ourselves that way again!
Can’t grow back into a kid today
But let’s all get young at heart again!

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