We’re Hiring at Obvious: Senior Associate

Seeking out, investing in, and fueling the success of world positive entrepreneurs

Manufacturing diamonds in a lab. Curing rare diseases via high-throughput biology and artificial intelligence. Educating a new generation of software developers without the burden of tuition. Building high-quality, low-cost LEED Platinum certified housing. Producing plant-based foods like burgers and cheeses, for people and planet.

This is but a sampling of the massive market opportunities our portfolio companies are pursuing, all while tackling some of the great social and environmental challenges of our time.

We’re just getting started, and need your help, to find and fuel more of them.

Clockwise from top left: The Learners Guild team, Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger, a Plant Prefab rendering, rich data from Recursion Pharmaceuticals

Our mission at Obvious Ventures is simple: partner with world positive entrepreneurs building disruptive solutions to systemic challenges. Our (mostly) early stage investments focus on sustainability, healthy living, and empowering individuals and small businesses.

We’re entrepreneurs, operators and investors. We’ve helped build a number of companies that have generated great financial returns. A few of those companies are also delivering positive social and environmental benefits with every dollar of revenue they generate. We want to help make more of those. Our hypothesis is that these businesses have market advantages and can outperform their traditional peers. These same businesses can have truly sustainable positive impact because their profits further their purpose; their margins drive their mission. That’s our simple plan: authentically focus on world positive investing. For us, the idea is obvious.

Having successfully launched our first fund, we’re now looking for a senior associate to work directly with the investment team in San Francisco.


The role is specifically focused on our health, future of work and finance practice, led by Managing Director Vishal Vasishth.

Here’s how you might jump in to help us find, invest in and fuel the sustained growth of world positive companies, with (representative) responsibilities including:

  • Investment Process. Working with the investment team to identify prospects, review business plans, perform due diligence on prospect companies, research industries, build financial models and conduct sensitivity analyses.
  • Strategy & Support. Helping with business strategy, exit events and general support of Obvious portfolio companies.
  • Monitoring & Reporting. Performing portfolio monitoring and reporting functions, including participating in calls/meetings with management teams, financial statement reviews and analyses, and board package reviews.
  • Out & About. Attending industry events, demo days, and representing Obvious in the world as we seek out more entrepreneurs in unexpected places.

We want to be neither prescriptive nor exhibit hidden biases, and so are welcoming any and all candidates to apply. Truth be told, we welcome the perspective and vision of someone who probably looks nothing like anyone currently in our ranks.

With that in mind, it may help to have:

  • A few years of related experience (e.g. VC/PE, entrepreneurship, management consulting, etc.)
  • A graduate degree or MBA, but certainly not necessary
  • Interest in seeking out and investing in purpose driven companies that provide profitable solutions to social and environmental challenges
  • An eye for identifying promising, high‐growth businesses
  • A self‐starter sensibility, able to initiate projects and work independently
  • Strong financial modeling, writing and presentation skills
  • Excellent quantitative and qualitative analytical skills
Clockwise from top left: VR pioneer Magic Leap, lab-manufactured diamonds from Diamond Foundry, satellite imagery from Planet, all-organic raw foods from Urban Remedy

If you’re interested, or simply want to learn more about the position, please send us a cover letter and resume (talent@obvious.com).

If you’re interested and think you might not be right, well — you might actually be perfect for the role.

We’re here and excited to hear from you.

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