Startup lessons from David vs. Goliath story — Malcolm Gladwell’s interpretation
Mayank Mathur

Mayank, nice write-up… My two cents…. :) Well, this Vid and several other vids of Gladwell discussing his perspective of David vs Gloiath story have been in my repo since last few years… A realization at my end deriving from Gladwell’s perspective as well as from life, is that, the big… Anyone or anything that is big, is played upon by its own heavy weight that falls upon itself.. With that, for the big, its not easy to steer the wheels, while for the other new, small and slim ones, its easy to move things, shuffle, and change directions, and adapt new things… That itself puts them in a favorable situation where they can take immense lead in the direction of disrupting the big bulkier animal… Lesson for the big : “Never undermine the small, as through them, the story of devastation of the big may evolve down the line”… and lesson for the small : “Never overestimate the strengths of the big, as they are more vulnerable to spectacular devastation by the power of their own inherent weight they carry within themselves… A small pin can deflate a big balloon!” Size is not the determining criteria… its the sum total of strengths and weaknesses of each side…

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