Walking through the Syrian Crisis

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Bombs falling from the sky has not been something unusual in Syria in the last five years. The pro-democracy protest of 2011 on the streets Deraa has been taken over by the rebels who are fighting for power from a much powerful autocratic regime of the President Bashar al-Assad. Iran, to save its ‘Shia Alawite’ ally, has poured Millions in the conflict. On the other hand, the Saudi regime left no stone unturned in ensuring the interests of Sunni rebels there. Even the ‘Uncle Sam’ and the ‘Commie’ of the past jumped for their respective allies in the Syrian party. But none examined the misery of an ordinary Syrian whose blood has been spilling over the streets of Syria in the last five years. What came unexpectedly through this conflict was the ISIS. They are fighting not only Assad but every actor who is there, including the US allies. Interesting has been the case that these former Al-Nusra fighters, whom the US funded generously through the Saudi-Turkey-Jordan route have now become the face of the global terror. With all this going in the backdrop, the crisis in the region, and especially in the Syrian theater is becoming more dramatic.

Here’s the timeline that will help you understand the events that contributed to building up of the crisis.

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In these five years, more than 12 Million of Syrian citizens have been displaced. According to United Nations, 4.8 Million people fled Syria to the neighboring states of Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan while more than 6.6 Million have been internally displaced. The refugees, where ever they are, are living in degrading human conditions. From drinking water to safety, everything is resting upon their destiny. United Nations, on the other hand, is continuously calling for more aid from the countries to meet the needs of the refugees who are living in camps in various neighboring states.

A Brief story map of the Syrian Refugee Crisis

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A US-Russian-brokered partial ceasefire between the Syrian government and major rebel forces was signed in February this year but as the ‘greed of power’ rules, the actors are still indulged in fighting on various fronts. What seems irony is that the US and Russia, one of the ‘Godly donors’ of the UN aid program, are the ones who have contributed in complicating the conflict on the military zone. While witnessing the Syrian children dying of airstrike and bombs of the parties unknown, we can never forget the United States’ and Russia’s urge to enter the bombing raids a few years ago. If peaceful solutions are said to be there on the table today, it could have been proposed yesterday too. Unfortunately, today is just mayhem, in which ISIS, the Syrian Rebels, and the Syrian Government forces are enjoying their party dipped in blood.

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