A Human Intelligence Revolution

Vishanth T.
Oct 12, 2018 · 6 min read
Image result for evolution of human to robots
The Fear That Man’s Evolution Will Be Impeded By Artificial Intelligence

Technology And The Rise of Human Stagnation

Disney-Pixar’s Dystopian Film “Wall-E” Prophesizes The Future Human
Carl Sagan, Astronomer, and Visionary.

The Neuralink Complex

“The Matrix” (1999) Showing The Potential For Downloading Information As Neo Learns Kung Fu In Seconds

Ethics, Privacy, And Hacking

What Are The Legal And Ethic Implications Of Brain Chips?
How Can We Ensure The Safety Of Our Data?
Could Brain Chips Open Doors For Hackers?

Looking To The Future and My Personal Note

Key Takeaways

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