Marrying A.I. And Blockchain

Vishanth T.
Dec 30, 2018 · 5 min read

Meet J.A.I.

J.A.I. doing his thing and organizing data quicker than any normal human

Meet Beckchain

People were sick and tired of suffering the consequences of the greedy, so Bitcoin and Beckchain was born
Beckchain creating a p2p ecosystem

How J.A.I. And Beckchain Met

Open Market for Data

Related image
Chatbots now have access to way more data in Beckchain’s system and will be much better for users

Controlling the Usage of Data and Models

This happened less than 2 weeks ago of me writing this…

Mechanism to Handle Large-Scale Data

We can mitigate this risk…

What The Future Looks Like

I hope you enjoyed this article, before you go:

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