Re-imagining Our Future Leveraging Nanosensors

Vishanth T.
Jul 28, 2018 · 10 min read
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Mogul and Master Innovator, Steve Jobs.
Incremental Growth of Technology to the Late 1940's.
Exponential Growth of Modern Technology From 1950 to The Present.


Physicist Richard Feynman, The Founding Father of Nanotechnology.
At the Nanoscale, an Electron can Teleport to the Other Side of a Solid Object Through Quantum Tunneling.
Nanotechnology is Applicable in Any Setting, it is All Around Us.

The Curious Case of a Nanosensor

Nanosensors are Made from Carbon Nanotubes, Each a Million Times Smaller Than a Strand of Hair.
Nanosensors Working to Identify Any Deficiency That May be Present in the Body.

How It’s Made: Nanosensor Edition

Electron Beam Lithography: Resist Pattern Schematic.
Electron Beam Lithography: Pattern Transfer Schematic.
Schematic Representation of a Grating Milling Process and Scanning Directions of the Ion Beam Lithography.
Soft-Lithography Microtransfer Molding.
Sensor Array: A 200-mm-diameter silicon wafer (top) bears dense arrays of nanoelectromechanical sensors (center). Each sensor is about 2.5 µm long (bottom).
At the Nanoscale, Graphite Exhibits Some Fascinating Properties. When a Paddle, Like the One Pictured, is Actuated, the Resistance Measured Through the Carbon Nanotube Changes Repeatably, Creating a Variable Resistor (Switch).

Nanofabrication Solves Problems, But Has a Few of its Own as Well…

Different Methods of Nanofabrication.
Chemical Routes to Top-Down Nanofabrication.

Looking to The Future

With the Help of Nanophotonics, Focusing Light for Cutting Nano Materials After the Nanofabrication Process is Possible.
Traditional Kirigami Paper Artwork That Inspired Dr. Li Jiafang.
Nano Kirigami in the Making.

My Personal Note and Further Reading

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