The little CHOICES you make everyday

In my last post titled “What does SUCCESS mean to you?, I mentioned that “achieving success was as simple as following a series of steps in a recipe.” However, what I didn’t mention was that there are five essential elements that are present in everyone’s success “recipe”.

They are:






So let’s dive into the first one, Choices.

From the moment we are born, we have been making choices everyday, for every moment. Ranging from the easy “Should I do my homework or watch TV” to life’s more complicated dilemmas “Should I quit my job and start a business?”

No matter what the choice is, one thing is true for all of us. Where we are today is due to the choices we have made earlier in our life. Everything in your life exists because you first made a choice about something. Choices are the root of every result you are currently seeing in your life. Eventually your choices become the habits by which you operate in your daily life. It becomes your “internal operating system” by which all decisions are made.

Everyday you make the choice to either listen to yourself, listen to others, or if you don’t choose at all, you’ve made the choice to be a passive receiver of whatever life brings your way. Every decision, no matter how slight, alters the trajectory of your life.

If choices are such an important factor of our success, then why is it that most of us “sleep walk” thru them our whole lives? It’s because the results of these choices aren’t instant. For example, if you choose to be a smoker, you don’t lose your breath, start coughing or even die of a heart attack immediately. Each one of those stages happen over a period of years. The same goes for eating fast food and not working out. You don’t gain weight as soon as you finish that burger. It happens over a period of inactivity.

The problem is, our generation has grown up with the “microwave mentality”. We expect instant results — the belief that success should be as fast as our fast food or our 30 mins photo processing or even the 0.00000002 seconds it takes Google to find the information you were looking for.

I guarantee that if our bad choices gave instant results, we would stop doing them immediately. If we arrived at a meeting late and got fired, we would never be late again. If eating that piece of cake instantly made you put on 50 pounds, saying no to dessert would be so easy.

In conclusion, be aware of the choices you make every day. Even though they may seem inconsequential in the moment, it may be varying you off course from your desired goal. Darren Hardy said it best:

“You make your choices, and eventually your choices make you.”

Look back to what choices you made today. Were they steering you towards your goal or taking you off your desired path?

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