5 years ago, 23rd January, 2014 I started my professional life and when I look back now, I have grown a lot in so many ways. Today I want to pause and reflect. It’s not that I have achieved every milestones or dream but I do want to pat the younger version of me who was anxious, nervous and scared but full of dreams and held the ground for good.

Even before this I did try another job, I along with my friend Rahul started to work in company of one of our professor and bailed out of the job…

Written sometime in the summers of 2006

I have wings, I am born to fly

Every time I fall, I cry

But give it another try

I have wings, I want to touch the sky

I have dreams, So I have begun

They say what you dream cant be done

But I don’t care because I am a fighter’s son

The path where walking can’t be done

Is the path where I have to run

I have dreams to touch the sun

I have courage to cross burning wire

I am burning hotter than fire

I just want to go…

Its 5 in the morning here, and what keeps me awake is the newest kid in the JS town. Of all the amazing announcements in Today’s TF Dev summit, what made my day was Tensorflow.js. I am writing this to share my learnings with Tensorflow.js in last 6 hours.

Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.

~Jeff Atwood, co-founder StackOverflow

Its going to be huge…ML algorithms directly in your browser.


Tensorflow.js is available via NPM and CDN

You can simply do a npm install

npm install @tensorflow/tfjs

or call it via CDN like any other JS library

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@tensorflow/tfjs@0.6.1"></script>

The official documentation…

It’s 2017 and geography should be irrelevant, and so it is.

We are a team scattered across the globe and the way we work , it does not matter at all. It’s 2017 and geography should be irrelevant, and so it is. We complete 1 year today, 7th of December, and on our first birthday, here I write about my wonderful journey with BotSupply so far.

Beginning of 2017 : I was looking for some antidote for my restless mind and my good friend Rahul Kumar approached me for a freelancing work, which he described as something related to AI…

It’s not the mountains that we conquer but ourselves — Edmund Hillary

It’s not the mountains that we conquer but ourselves — Edmund Hillary

Existential and quarter-life crisis is not something uncommon amongst the millennials., it’s just that most of us fail to understand what’s going through our head. I find myself lucky enough to call my passion as my profession and still I am no different from all of us, though with time I found that the antidote to my restlessness revolves around music and travelling.

February 2017 was one such time when I felt things were not right in my head. I went through a heartbreak and I was finding…

Artificial intelligence and its impact is no more a far-fetched dream but an absolute reality, we are already witnessing many wonders of the future that is about to come.

As has been the history of programming, we have seen many major paradigm shifts in the area of focus. Be it the shift from procedural to OOPS or from desktop to web and then to mobile first. And now as the tech giants are calling it AI first era.

Artificial Intelligence is not a new philosophy and has its root as back as World War II but what has given it…

Almost every time you push a fix or a feature, the end goal is to see if it works on the server or not, because “it works on my local”, is not the solution.

“it works on my local”, is not the solution.

And when things don’t work as expected, more often than not, we find ourselves SSHing in to the server and writing or logging some part of the code directly via vim or some other editor. The task in itself gets tedious and difficult as the amount of code that you need to write increases. …

Vishal Ranjan

Enroute : Dabbler to a Generalist. Know me more @ https://vishalranjan.in

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