Account Takeover via OTP Bruteforce (Apigee API)

Hi All

This is a short post on one of my findings in a Bugcrowd Private program, which could result in account takeover of any user by an attacker.

Vulnerability Type :

Product Area:

Attack Vector:


Proof of Concept:

Here within some time, I was able to reset the password of an account by intercepting the request for OTP validation and bruteforcing the 6 digit number. Using this, it is possible to change and reset the password of any account, by changing the user data and brute-forcing the reset OTP.

Vulnerable request


Brute forcing the OTP successfully allowed me to set new password for any E commerce user.

Disclosure Timeline:

4 Feb 2020 : Verified the fix

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Security engineer | OSCP | ! Note: blog post‘s are doesn’t represent my employer by any meaning and was performed during my free time. |

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