These Three Men Gave the Devil Nightmares

“History is written by the people who control the money”

Okay, here is the man who gives nightmares to the devil himself. Words never can express the atrocities and cruelties that this man inflicted on the innocent people and to the entire humanity. We see so many features and tabloids celebrating his legacy and making him a super star.

There are rumors spreading all over the world that Hitler was against the Rockefeller- Rothschild banking cartels. Bu the truth was he was just a puppet raised by the Banking cartels to rule and kill the real Jews and establish a pseudo- Jew race called Zionists which is backed by the banking cartels and now has a base in Israel, a nation formed exclusively by the Satanist Rothschild bankers.

Why Hitler?

Alternate truth dictate Hitler was a part of the Rothschild family and is bastard. He never knew his mother. Apparently Hitler was a love child of a servant woman of Baron Rothschild. We know that the Rothschild keep a close watch on their bloodline (incestual inbreeds- They are not allowed to marry outside of their families) and never allows their blood line to mingle with others. Who else is a better choice than this freaky midget for killing of an entire race for the purposes of war, money and politics?

Here we did some research on some of the cruelties and experiments by this low life vermin which are not told by the global media.

Hold on to your breaths

These Three Men Gave the Devil Nightmares


Hitler wanted to create a nation of Zionists

Hitler considered the blue eyed square jawed Germans as the pure race of Aryans and the Jews were Apes to him. At least that is what being told by the banking cartel controlled media. The traditional God believing Jews will no way can be controlled or manipulated by the cartels. The orthodox Jews were against the formation of Israel. So they used this creature to kill the entire race of orthodox Jews to replace them with Zionist Jews who are in no way related to the real Jews.

After the war Hitler were taken alive to a safe country. Details say he was taken to Argentina and spend the rest of his life in a luxurious house in the country.


Hitler and the Occult

Along with his right hand an equally cruel man called Himmler Hitler were on a quest to obtain supernatural powers by acquiring occult materials. Hitler and Himmler were two sides of the same coin. He was so obsessed to attain the Holy Spear that used to kill Christ on the cross.

Together they were, especially Himmler was so obsessed with Satan worship and witchcraft. Considering one of his ancestors was burned to death for witchcraft; this information is not that surprising at all. Although Hitler did not involve publicly in this twisted fantasy of Himmler, he gave his beloved mass murdering, child molesting henchman a free hand to live out his fantasies. We will never know what these two cracks have been talking when they were together in private.

Himmler did many Satanic experiments including trying to raise the dead on little children as well as on adults. He would make them freeze to death and try to revive them by using witchcraft. Some of those experiments in revival involved dropping the victim in boiling water, and sometimes, briefly, they actually came back long enough to die all over again, screaming.

Many nights the horrifying screams of the tortured children used to echo in the valleys nearby the labs. Imagine those children. Death was the only relief for them.

There was a recent discovery of Himmler’s secret stash of occult materials hidden for almost 65 years.

Himmler, we hope you are being experimented in Hell and you should never die along with the torments you endure in Hell. You will not get the mercy of death.


The ‘Twins’ Experiments

Hitler was so immersed in medical experiments on his prisoners of war. Little the world knew about the monstrous experiment him and his minions like Himmler used to do on children. Out of several the ‘twins’ experiment were one of the most cruel ones.

Joseph Mengele was the prime leader or supervisor of these experiments. He took care of Hitler’s weird occult medical practices to attain super power over the rest of humanity. He did his experiments on as many as 1500 twins who were imprisoned in the Auschwitz concentration camps. Out of this number only 200 managed to survive a bit longer.

The gruesome experiments involved in pouring and injecting dyes in their eyes to check the color change and sewing the twins together in every way possible to make their own versions of conjoined and mutated twins.

When these deformed twins were no use for Mengele, they are disposed by injecting chloroform directly to the heart.

  • The twins were then dissected and body parts were sent to different medical labs
  • Twins were subjected to be X-rayed for several days. Tubes were inserted through their nostrils to the lungs and gas was pumped. This caused them to cough violently and the sputum which came out was examined.
  • Every inch of their bodies was to be photographed. They were forced to stand, bend and kneel to accomplish the photographs. Sometimes they were required to stand arm raised for several hours to study the hair growth in their under arms.
  • They were immersed in boiling hot water and made them sit there for hours together.
  • Finally they are killed and send to the dissection area of the lab.


Other Experiments

Sun Lamp

The victims were placed under sun lamps which were so hot they would burn the skin. One young homosexual victim was repeatedly cooled to unconsciousness then revived with lamps until he was pouring sweat. He died one evening after several test sessions.

Internal Irrigation

The frozen victim would have water heated to a near blistering temperature forcefully irrigated into the stomach, bladder, and intestines. All victims appeared to have died from the treatment.

Hot Bath

The victim was placed in warm water and the temperature was slowly increased. This method proved to be the best. Many victims died do to shock if they were warmed up too quickly.

Warming by Body Heat

Heinrich Himmler suggested to Dr. Rascher that he try to use women to warm the frozen men. He suggested that the victim and women copulate. This perverted experiment occurred with some success. However it was not as successful as the Warm Bath.


Experiments with Poison

In order to study the effects of poison in humans Hitler’s medical minion Mengele and his team of doctors used to fire poison coated bullets at the prisoners. Other experiments included poisoning the little food ration of the camp prisoners to see the effect. Several of them were murdered immediately after a meal to officially allow an autopsy.


Sea water experiments

At one concentration camp a group of 90 Romani prisoners were given only sea water as food for almost 2–3 months. This is to study the effect of sea water on an inside human body and to make a technology to make sea-water edible to drink. The subjects suffered severe dehydration and they were often seen licking the freshly mopped floor hoping to find traces of drinkable fresh water left from the mopping.

Trivia: Mengele was killed in a drowning accident while swimming in the Atlantic. Hope you are having your drinks in hell.


Mustard Gas Experiment

In order to study and make an effective treatment for the burns incurred by mustard gas, the prisoners were extremely burn alive with the gas and then they tested the possibility of treatments for the wounds.


Bone Muscle and Nerve Transplantation

Hitler and minions extracted bones, muscles and nerves without administering the subject with anesthesia in order to study the bone, muscle and nerve regeneration. Subsequently they suffered mutilation, agony and permanent disability.

Just imagine the horrors those poor humans had to endure. We can only pray for their souls and hope that those monsters are still alive and tormented forever in Hell fire.


The Hammer Experiment

This method was used to study head injuries. They hammered the heads of little kids in order to study head injuries in various forms. The experiments were carried in an isolated building behind a doctor’s house. It is performed by strapping a little kid to a chair so that his movements could be restricted. Above his head there is placed a mechanized hammer which hit his head at pre-defined intervals with different velocity and momentum. The continued pounding on the head will make the subject go insane and scream in sheer agony.

I can imagine you getting hammered in the wrong place, Mengele along with Hitler and Himmler

Other experiments before we go for our number 1

High altitude experiments — This was for the benefit of the German pilots, who in case of emergency had to eject at high altitudes. The subjects were kept in low pressure chambers to simulate the air pressure conditions of 66,000 ft. The survived subject’s brains were tested. Out of 200 subjects 80 died of this experiment and the rest were executed.

Malaria Experiments — In order to find a cure for malaria the healthy prisoners were infected by mosquitoes. After the victims were contacted with malaria, various drugs were administered. As many as 1000 inmates were forcefully made victims of this experiment.

Sulphonamide (anti-microbial agent) experiments– To test the effectiveness of sulphonamide, they wounded the prisoners and then infected those wounds.

Sterilization experiments– Without the victim’s knowledge, they sterilized as many as 300,000 prisoners in a span of four years!

Gas chambers– mass execution of women and weaklings, you can still see the nail marks of the victims. I hope your skin is crawling with maggots, Hitler.

For Fun– Prisoners were asked to run and were shot dead by high range rifles for fun sake.

The prisoners endured high levels of mental and physical trauma and almost all were infected with weak-mind, insanity, schizophrenia, blindness, deafness, mal-nutrition, hopeless and physical mutilation.

Death was their only hope to escape


Human Bio- Fuel Experiment (Never found a source of proof, but I heard it from someone who seems to be trust worthy. May be this is true and is kept as a secret)

Can you imagine a great pit, just like the one in the movie 300? People were stripped naked and made stood around the pit in circles. The immediate circle of prisoners was pushed into the well by the circle of prisoners standing right behind them. This goes on till the well is filled with people to the required level. Then the well is sealed and steamed for bio fuel experiments. The extracts and oils were tested for fuel.


We seldom remember the horrors those poor souls endured at the hands of these mad men. We live a life of ignorance until something like this happens to us. It is time to refinish and accept the fact that if we want a better world there is only one power can deliver that to us. That is God ALMIGHTY himself. I do not see any other hope. I see and look around and see our controlled politicians as dummies, they deliver what they have been told to do. None can help us, unless we change.

Rest in Peace, Oh, my dears — Justice will be served

When the bankers want to capture a country and take its resources, there is no better way to do it other than start a war. Once a Lady Rothschild said,- “If my sons do not want war; there will not be any wars in this world”. Today as it is when the Napoleonic times they financed and still finance both sides of the war and take interest not to mention the sale of weapons.

They control almost all the central banks of this world. The thirteen family bloodlines are such warmongers and inbreeds that they consider all others expendables. Right from the governments, media and pharmaceuticals are controlled by them. All the companies or the major corporations of this world including the media is controlled by 6 corporations which is in turn owned by these banking and financial families.

There is no other go, where do we go?

Try searching the term ‘Sheeple’ and try to do some research on the following terms,

  • 13 Elite family bloodlines
  • Illuminati- It is a word invented by them, to shush the alternative theorist and branded them under the term conspiracy theorists
  • Central banks owned by the Rothschild
  • Napoleon and the Rothschild
  • Occult and the Elite bankers
  • New world Order
  • Georgia Milestones
  • Denver Airport Secrets
  • Free Masons
  • Illuminati
  • Illuminati Movies and Music
  • Baphomet
  • Puppet Politicians
  • Satanic Rituals
  • Vaccines
  • Depopulation Agenda
  • Vatican and The Rothschild
  • Occult and Vatican
  • Child Sacrifice
  • Bohemian Grove
  • Satanism
  • Church of Satan
  • 1972 Rothschild party
  • David Rockefeller

………………………………………………………..many more. The above terms and links will take you to more horrible things and truth you have never imagined.

Good Night

PS: Who ever speaks the truth are labeled under the political term “Conspiracy theorists”, that is the word invented by the elites to have a hide out. There is less chance of people believing someone who is labeled as a conspiracy theorist.

If you are someone who just lives the dream and watches TV and goes to sleep, this is not for you.

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