The Wholeness of Life gets organized so it can manifest. The organizing principle, from our 3-D perspective, can be seen as nested realities, each of a greater density than its subtler predecessor. Each holistic nested schema contains the impulses of all the less-dense essences out of which it has arisen. These nested realities are fractals of each other, recapitulating one another with the same laws of Nature playing out in a denser drama.

This Earth-density is the fractal of Wholeness that offers maximum density, the greatest potentials for both the harmonious energies of Life to be investigated and expressed, as well as the disharmonious energies to be experienced. The spice of life is optimum when the pluses and the minuses are integrated and balanced. Thus are we each called to unite that which we call negativity and that which we call positivity in our human beingness.

I point all this out to make one point: Nested realities mean that, in Earth-density in which all the forces of darkness and light are represented, the Great Purification is/will be bringing up all the degrees of all the forces of Creation… plus and minus.

Apocalypse will, therefore, take place — apocalypse translating as “the lifting of the veils” — such that humankind will see revealed in world events and personal (inner and outer) experiences the reason that the era in which we are living is called the Age in which Everything Will Be Made Known. The elephant in every room will become visible — the unconscious, where all unexamined pains and judgments are held…in every person, in every institution, in every nation, in humankind as a whole.

Thus will we witness in the coming handful or two of years the personification of disharmony, who goes by many names, take office amongst us. However mythic such an assertion sounds, we do live in mythic times.

And I carry, like an albatross around my neck, the knowledge of having come into contact with an emissary of the personification of negativity soon to galvanize the forces of world disharmony.

I have two stories to relate: The first takes place in Rishikesh in 2013, at the Ganges ashram of my Teacher. A young German had asked me if he could come by to receive teachings. I was setting out a welcoming repast when he arrived with a good-looking Australian with reddish dreads. This latter person, whom I’d seen on the street, hijacked the conversation to say that he was contacting the heads of all the spiritual lineages so that they might have an opportunity to align themselves with the one, he asserted, whom the world was expecting.

How would this person, whose name was given as Chakra Da, be able to conquer the world? I was told he would be appearing on all the televisions in the world, three times, so that everyone could meet and by awed by the promised one, the one with power. Also, the Australian spoke of Armageddon, the Third World War centered in the Middle East, which Chakra Da alone would bring to an end…and then institute global reforms to bring about peace, gender equality, longer vacations, greater productivity and the like. Oh, yes, and that he, holding maximum spiritual power, would be the one through whom all spiritual gifts would be given. That’s when my skin began to crawl.

When I inquired how governmental/military buy-in would happen, I was told that the nations of the world would hand over the reigns of decision and military might to Chakra Da, seeing his superior ability to bring humanity what it wants. And when I asked if this man would bring a spiritual practice, the Aussie leaned his head back and recited a mantra whose final syllables were “Chakra Da,” meaning that he would be propitiated by all spiritual aspirants. This is when, feeling my vibratory opposition, the haughty mouthpiece got up and left.

The second story has to do with my Teacher having spoken many times with the Soul who in his last life was called Jesus. “We go together,” my Teacher told me, saying that Jesus would come, “and I will slap him on the back.” This act of shaktipad — one way my Teacher transfers spiritual power — would be Jesus’ first initiation into his world dharma. In January of this year, the mother of the coming World Teacher brought her son to my Teacher’s ashram…and shaktipad was given to this eleven-year old from Ladakh.

From these two stories I see that the forces of both positivity and negativity require a vanguard, a person who can be admired and followed. There are those who say, “We are the ones we have been waiting for,” as a way of affirming that the rise of consciousness, blessedly taking place in souls around the globe, is all that needs to happen to reshape humanity. Not so. For better or worse, humans require someone with whom they can identify, a flesh-and-blood leader, a hero to point the way to actual restructuring.

Thus, there will be a devil…carried to power because humans will clamor for what he can offer.

And there will be a man — who will stand as the Messiah, the Second Coming, the Twelfth Imam, Lord Maitreya — the One that all religions are expecting. Of this I have certainty.

What I don’t have certainty about is how the peak drama of the Great Purification — the intersection of the two representatives — will play out. Chakra Da will gain power primarily in the East. And the scene that keeps rising in me is that he will come to St. Peter’s Square, spiritual center of the West, and there, before a host of TV cameras, ascend. He will rise up and up in spiritual power and glory — just what he longs to demonstrate in order to win over the inner allegiance of the rest of the world. However, in full view of the eyes of humanity, he will fall, his body crushed to bloody pavement. The cameras will not record the cause of his failure — that the young God Man also present had sent his hidden inner power to negate the arrogant outer power of the falsest of prophets.

All that being said, what’s coming down the pike, as huge as it is, like all events has a beginning, a middle and an end. The intersection described above is just the middle. The end of the Great Purification will take another handful of years, so that the horrors of human despondency can slowly fizzle out, and the beat in the heart of the human spirit can again drum its rhythms into music, dance and the harmony that is born by souls working diligently together in community.