The Hopis are looking for Him. Since the 1980s, they have been looking for the One.

So many are awaiting the Avatar of our Age:
 * Jews have long been awaiting the Messiah — for more than 6000 years.
 * Buddhist scriptures speak of Maitreya, the Buddha who will the successor to Gautama Buddha, in a time when the Dharma will have been forgotten.
 * Muslims, and especially the Sufis, desperately expect the Twelfth Imam.
 * And, ever since the Ascension, especially at the first Millennium, and certainly now in the Age of Aquarius, Christians are longing for the Second Coming.

While many souls — ‘light workers’, according to New Agers — believe that the Second Coming will be satisfied by the rising of consciousness, the Age of Aquarius needs a center, a vanguard, a human embodiment — in short, a Hero.

Who will this Anointed One be? Here is a story that is well-known at my Bapu’s ashram. Bapu and his consort (Note: Bapu, who had been the highest order of enunciates, had been asked by the Lord to take a consort, so as to produce a child who will soon serve as the Krishna of India). In 1980, the holy couple were in their hut when a knock came on the door. Bapu nodded, his wife asking, “Who is it?” The visitor said, “I am from the M — Group, “ to which she replied, “If you are from the M — Group, then you don’t need me to open the door.” The visitor moved effortlessly through the wall and took the seat that was offered. Bapu’s consort asked, “What is your name?” To which the Maha Siddha replied, “Atman.” She asked, “When you were last in a body, what was your name?” The Visitor said, “Jesus.” Jesus said He had come to give a warning that alertness would be advised for an alarming situation, which two weeks later turned out to be a pressure-cooker blowing up in the ashram kitchen. Jesus also came to give mantras to Bapu for the highest possible birth condition for his first child.

Jesus is the Atman, the Soul, the Self of all selves. He will be (and ever is) Pure Consciousness, the representative of Reality, the God-man, the Christ. His station will be as a Prophet, Avatar and Vanguard of Humanity.

In His past incarnation, He was known as the Ancient of Days, the Day Star, the Lamb of God, the Savior of the World.

When last here, He was generally not recognized, persecuted. The Man of Sorrows was tortured, ridiculed, whipped mercilessly with a cat of nine tails and nailed to a tree, hoisted on the Cross between two thieves, and there perished, a ransom for many, dying for sinners — meaning for all of humanity.

He was/is the Way, the Truth and the Light — because no one attains Fullness without realizing the Reality that He is and represents and enacts. This is why He said, “No one comes to the Father (Pure Consciousness, The Eternal) except by Me” (His Self being infinitely inseparable from unborn-and-undying Reality).

He is coming. Indeed, the good news is that He is already here.

Bapu, whose Dharmic role is the behind-the-scenes World Servant, has been awaiting Him, Who is to serve as the face of God, the World Teacher. Bapu told me that “He and I go together.” In a past life, Bapu was the one who initiated Jesus as a boy. The Gospel records that, when the infant Jesus was 40 days old, Simeon, who had been long “waiting for the consolation of Israel: and the Holy Ghost was upon him,” met the holy family as they entered the Temple “to do for him after the custom of the law” on the Day of Presentation. Simeon, who had been told “he should not see death, before he had seen the Lord’s Christ,” took Jesus into his arms and uttered, “ Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word: For mine eyes have seen thy salvation,which thou hast prepared before the face of all people; a light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel.” Then the prophet said to Mary, “Behold, this child is set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel; and for a sign which shall be spoken against. (Yea, a sword shall pierce through thy own soul also,) that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.”

There are other stories of Bapu and Jesus, who have walked together often. Once at the ashram, Jesus said to Bapu, “This is a good place. There are no walls here.” By this was meant that there are no artificial divisions, no religious elitism, no covetousness around Bapu.

Bapu has again fulfilled — among numerous other prominent services to humanity — the role of Initiator. Often having spoken of Jesus coming to the Ashram, Bapu had said, “I will slap Him on the back.” A slap on the back is one of the principle ways that Bapu gives shaktipad, the transfer of unlimited spiritual power. Shaktipad is the installation and instillation of Shakti, of truly awakened potency, of the Divine Feminine, of the abilities (known as Siddhis — literally, “perfections” or “powers”) whereby the Divine can be expressed in gifting ways that announce — to those who can see — the Divine Presence in human form.

This past January, as Bapu had predicted, a young man was brought by his mother to the ashram at the foot of sacred Mount Girnar in the Gir Forest of central Gujarat. There, without ceremony, just the eleven-year old was offering a customary bow, Bapu slapped the eleven-year-old on the back. Nothing more. While the young man remained bowed, unable to move due to the transfer of unimaginable energies, Bapu spoke to the mother, a woman well-aware of her son’s station, and told her of shaktipad — how he had transferred Power by touch, the way a chicken sits on her eggs; and that it can also happen by sight, the way a turtle teaches her young; or by thought, the way a fish instructs its offspring. He said to the mother that this initiation her lad had received would keep unfolding throughout her son’s life.

The Second Coming will not be like the previous one, where the world did not know Him and, threatened by His spiritual authority, reacted violently and with characteristic cruelty to His ministry.

Indeed, just as people around the world are demanding that strong men take power (and even remain loyal to them even as they devastate human dignity and its requisite liberties), so will people soon demand, as answer to chaos, that the Beelzebub/Mara/Satan/Shaitan take control. So it is that the great demon known in this era as the anti-Christ, will assume world power. This being is also already present, awaiting the proper time to come into power.

After three years of world domination by the anti-Christ, whose name is Chakra Da, it will be the Christed boy of 15 Who will defeat this Goliath of a demon. Chakra Da’s arrogance will culminate and he will be suddenly crushed. Yet only those who have eyes to see will realize by what Agency the fall will have happened. The world will then be thrust into “the gnashing of teeth.” When sufficiently purified and longing for true human dignity, a needy humanity will recognize that the Savior has come, and He will be revered by many names.

There will be, in this Age of Wholeness, a feminine Adept, as well. As the rise of the Divine Feminine is bringing impurities of the sub-conscience to the surface, of both world and individual consciousness, a feminine Incarnation will be born about the time that the Christ defeats the anti-Christ for all the world to see. A remarkable being, known as Montara, will in Europe give immaculate birth to a silver-eyed girl, an already matured representative of the Divine Feminine. This hidden Immortal will reveal the heart of true integrity, the shamanic center of the circle of humanity, so that those tired of religion can still act religiously so that Mother Earth is not forgotten, not again lost to philosophies, theologies or dogmas.

She, with Bapu and Jesus, will lead the way into an Age of Wholeness.

It will take some fifteen years for the world to adequately see the errors of its ways, so that a chastened humanity will gratefully and gladly receive the True King Who will inaugurate the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Enlightenment, the Peace on Earth that has been foretold by many.

May you be fortunate enough to meet Him, and to recognize that you, regardless of your station, are, nevertheless, Who He Is.