Why P.E grades shouldn’t count

At the end of the semester, you need every assignment possible. One assignment could turn the tide for your GPA. But sometimes, there are classes that you simply cannot get better at, like P.E. You must have the build and physical qualities to excel in the class. There is no book that lets you simply run for a long time. Math has a variety of books that teach you how to calculate. Reading has a selection of books that teaches you how to analyze the structure of a story. But P.E? Nothing can really help you there. In my school, we run the mile around every week, and there are kids who don’t have the physical build (skinny, maybe long legs) to run. They can be really smart, but P.E can block their opportunity to get the 4.0 GPA everyone wants.

First of all, it’s not exactly educational, despite it being called Physical Education. Sure, it teaches students how to play certain sports, but that won’t exactly help you as an adult, where you have little time to spare when you get a job. I’m not saying we should get rid of it. In fact, there are several studies showing that physical activity can improve efficiency in many subjects. What I’m saying is that it should be exempt from affecting one’s GPA. School should be designed so everyone has a good chance to succeed, but with P.E, there are certain kids who are really talented in everything scholarly, but maybe are a little on the heavy side. And if you're overweight, do you really think you can get a decent score in a subject that needs a person to be strong, or at least in good physical shape. I’ve seen many points talking about how P.E is graded on participation and dressing out, but that is not the case in my school, and since my school follows our district’s standards, other schools follow the same grading system. Ten to fifteen percent of our grade is based on mile times. Our mile times are graded as the following: six to seven mile is an A. Seven to a nine minutes is a B. Nine to eleven minutes is a B minus. Everything behind eleven is below a B minus. It’s really hard to get at least a B if your not in peak physical condition. Many dedicated students who aren’t fit cannot get past the barrier of P.E.