7 Reasons why landing pages of startups suck

This article isn’t about how important it is to have a landing page, despite it’s about why most of the startups does not have a beautiful landing page.

7. You think designers don’t worry about the conversion

A research says people look at over 300 advertisements a day. Which means that as a startups you have only a second or two to make your user sign up. Designers knew this fact since the era of solo ads, believe in them.

6. You think there is only one way to project a storyline

You worked day and night to figure out what converts your visitor to a user. You worked very hard to put everything down on a paper. You lot of time to explain all these to your designers. Then why do you think there is only one way to tell a story? It could be coz you spent so much of time at the converting websites of other companies and you think only something similar would work? Only your user will tell you the answer, so prepare yourself to try something new.

5. Don’t buy templates from marketplaces

Are you trying to save time of your engineer by picking a template which many have used? The primary customers of these marketplaces (ThemeForest, ElegantThemes, etc) are non-techies, who can’t affort a dev. Are you such a startup? These templates that are showcased on their sites look beautiful coz of the pictures, colour, etc they’ve used, but when you start importing your images, it starts to look ugly.

4. Don’t use website builders

There are too many site builders like, Webflow, Squarespace, SiteBuilder, Weebly, etc. Do you actually want to use them? Early stage startups, non-tech startups and operations centric startups, use it, but if you are a tech startup, why are you even using it? These site builders have restriction about what they can do. Do you want your website to be stuck in such a box? If you are using a site-builder, then there is someone somewhere using the same thing too. Do you actually want that?

3. Not looking for unique designs

Is your product unique? then why shouldn’t your landing page be? Why should it look like another company’s? When you thought different before starting it up, why not follow the same now?

2. Not going with designers’ work-flow

Do you start the painting before the electricity cables being fixed, then you are doing it wrong. Everything has a order in which it is suppose to be built, then why not follow it. It is not re-inventing the wheel, it is creating the wheel again in the way it is meant to be. If you are not following this, you are not going to have a beautiful output. You might be thinking that you have no time, this maybe correct, but every design element that we see online had definitely gone through a work-flow.

1. Don’t replicate successful companies’ landing pages

When startups look for simple and clean landing pages, they often end up with that of a multi-billion dollar companies. They are good places to get inspired from, but when you try to copy them, remember, somewhere you are making a mistake.