The Subtle Mind

The human mind is the most delicate thing that we ever possess, but we often set it run amok and as a result turn it into a kind of a monster. We agitate the mind forcibly; we keep the mind boiling all the time; we always make sure that we remain chaotic all the time. We create impressions of the objects at a time when the mind needs a reprieve from them. We create impressions at a time when the mind needs complete isolation and meditation. We create and create these impressions until the mind becomes jaded and worn-out.

As a result, the mind loses its power of focus. It loses its power to comprehend subtle things. The mind is content to remain on gross-plane all the time and suffer its consequence. When suffering piques, we remain in isolation for a while only to come back and engage ourselves in the gross plane and agitate it again. We hurt and hurt ourselves until we become desperate and seek help from outside. We turn to Gods, but they don’t pay any ear; we turn to people but their consolation is far from satisfactory; we turn to psychology, but it leads to nowhere.

So, what is the solution?

The solution is to identify a spiritual purpose in life rather than a material purpose. Our goals must be spiritual rather than material. Only spiritual attainments are permanent and satisfactory. Material attainments fade in the course of time and it is always accompanied by a sense of unsatisfactoriness.

So, what do you mean by spiritual purpose?

The spiritual purpose is to find a solution to the perennial problems of life — the problem of existence, the problem of life and death, the problem of change, etc. The reality around us, as we know, is subject to change and destruction. So, when we explore the spiritual purpose, naturally the question arises about the validity of the objects that we see around; the question arises about the validity of impressions that we take in our minds. We then recede from forming impressions in our minds and turn away from all objects to find the ultimate reality — it is the process of ‘Neti, Neti’, ‘Not this, Not this’. The mind becomes subtle and turns inward and becomes an effective instrument to determine the truth.

To accomplish this purpose, the mind must remain unaffected by external emotions — praise, blame, hatred, anger, jealousy, feeling of inferior and superior, etc. We must renounce the world without a trace to accomplish this. The mind then begins to feel a joy — a joy derived from the higher-self; a joy not derived from material objects or possessions — which is unknown before. The mind remains unagitated, unaffected, remaining in our pure-self all the time.

To orient the mind towards spiritual purpose, one must disengage from mindless engagement in social media. They eat our time, energies, and life, and leave us as a dishevelled human being. We lose sight of our personal life; we fail to appreciate our real inner lives; we lose the purpose as a result. So, keep out of reach of all social media, entertainment, news, gossip and aimless wandering.

Our real life begins only when we have found our true selves. Duality is a deception. Real life begins only when we have established ourselves in the non-dual plane. Duality is misery. Shed duality and proceed to the non-dual plane.