Encrypting The Future | Life 2.0

Continuing on the last blog (If you haven’t read it, do check it out: https://goo.gl/at19kK) I would like to expand my thoughts even further on how AI will be the solution to the Cyborg life we’ll be living soon.

To set some standards let’s see what AI encryption looks like today.
According to Wikipedia, Neural cryptography is a branch of cryptography dedicated to analyzing the application of stochastic algorithms, especially artificial neural network algorithms, for use in encryption and cryptoanalysis.

We can use AI’s ability of self-learning for dynamically changing the encryption algorithm. Let’s break down the sentence with an example.

We’ve given all the three AI’s a base encryption and decryption algorithm to work with. There are two AI’s(One Kaki’s and the other mine,i.e., Vishrant). Both of them are encrypting the data they are sending out for communication with an updated encryption algorithm(Which they modified by analyzing different attacks and algorithms over the internet).

Now Kaki’s AI and my AI start communicating banking details over this channel, the Third AI(i.e., Alex) is an attacker(Hacker) AI and wants to interpret the data that being send over this channel. Alex’s AI knows the base algorithm for encryption and decryption. In a normal scenario, Alex’s AI would brute force all the possible known algorithms on this channel. But, there is a very rare chance that it might be able to guess the algorithm correctly. Due to our algorithm’s dynamic nature, it’s becomes an endless loop of encryption-decryption for Alex’s AI.

That’s all for now!

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