[5/31, 9:25 PM] Naina: Hey.

[5/31, 9:27 PM] Vishnu: Hi.

[5/31, 9:35 PM] Naina: You are in the city?

[5/31, 9:36 PM] Vishnu: Yes, what happened?

[5/31, 9:50 PM] Naina: Can we meet?

[5/31, 9:51 PM] Vishnu: Tomorrow at 6, the Same Place?

[5/31, 9:57 PM] Naina: Ok, done. See you there.


6:00 PM

I borrow a red shirt with checks from my room-mate and put on a pair of chinos below. I wait for a couple of minutes at the same place before I see her. She turns up in a casual outfit, blue jeans and a white tee’. I look at her and realize how she looks completely different from her Instagram pictures. She doesn’t require filters, I tell to myself.

She: Hi, Vishnu. The place looks nicer.

He: Thanks, you look amazing too.

When I say it I realize what has happened. I had prepared for this meeting overnight. I promised to not be cheesy; in fact, not to open up at all. In my head I heard “you look nice”, but I realize it a tad later what she actually said. She caught me off guard and I sympathize to myself.

6:10 PM

She: “Are you alright?”

I get lost in the flashbacks. My mind being full of things, I lose the plot I had set overnight.

The place seemed to be different; we weren’t holding hands anymore.

We broke up, we said to ourselves.

I ask her what she would like, and call the waiter.

She: “I will have a tea.”

Me: “Tea? Sure?” I almost forget we were meeting after 2 years.

She: “Yesssss” she says with a nod.

Me: “1 tea and a coffee” I say to the waiter.

We could see the difference, We could see the changes.

6:30 PM

I couldn’t hear the surping sounds anymore while she drank tea. She would do it with the coffee, I tell to myself.

She: “So how is it going?”

Me: “What is going?”

She: “Your relationship with her?”

Me: “What? Which girl?” How does she know, nobody knows it. I almost freak out.

She: “With that girl you post pics on Instagram.”

I am left with nothing to reply. How on earth can someone know about it?

She: “I was asking about your college, dude!” She laughs out loud.

Me: “It’s going good. I’ll have my exams soon.”

She: “When did you start to talking about exams?”

Me: “Since everyone started leaving me.”

Silence. Silence. Silence again.

She wasn’t being charming anymore. She gave me sympathetic looks. We drank in silence.

7 PM

We were about to leave.

She: “I am sorry Vishnu, sometimes we become victim of circumstances. We are left with no choice”

She gives me a hug. How can she hug me in public I question myself. I shed a tear, I can feel her weeping to. We leave the table. We don’t say good-bye to each other.

Later that night I dial her number and tell her those three magical words. “I forgive you”

People leave you but they leave a part of themselves inside you.