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If you’re constantly daydreaming about traveling the world, rarely feel settled in one place, and get a case of the itchy feet regularly, you probably have wanderlust. As inconvenient and worrisome as travel is right now, amid this raging pandemic, there’s actually a scientific reason why our suitcases are always half packed.

Okay! A short history class now.
Wanderlust is a strong gene embedded in us through millions of years of human evolution. We humans have lived in nomadic communities for almost 99 percent of our history, following the seasons, hunting, opportunities and ritual patterns. Sometime around 10,000 years ago, agriculture…

Let’s face it. Nothing around you is as real as water. Water is Truth! And yet, have you heard of ‘Structured’ water?

What is Structured Water?

It refers to the molecular arrangement of water (H2O) in a hexagonal shape. In nature, water is structured when it is free flowing (think rivers and streams), and near hydrophilic surfaces. water supplied to houses now is pumped through pipes, and makes sharp turns to get to our taps. This journey erodes the water’s ‘memory’, whereby it is said to have lost its structure.

source: 24–7 press release

Structured water is believed to share the same properties as…


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