The Breakfast Flakes

In the 24hour live world some start their day with sunlight and some with the snow white glowy LED lights!. Whatever your light be and whenever your day start ,you have your own life which needs a whole grain flake for the day!

So the flake, the yellowish crisp which is to be munched would taste good with milk (I know your giving a weird look to this post!!),Breaking the snow! It’s just 1440 minutes for a day(huge isn’t?? 1minute is ticked away since you came here).

Let’s spend 5minutes from 1440 with an activity of opening excel and making of bar chart of what we really do in daily and how much minute is spend for an activity.I know the sleep would take a large amount of pie ! Feel like a king /queen with a crown if you have your heart says “you spent time well!!”

Most of us tend to treat our time precious but we don’t value them, So the flakes! after your alarm see the mirror(you look heaven after sleep trust me!)smile yourself and say what you are going to do for the day may be it is trying new hairstyle or rolling a rock from canyon,keep your daily dose of does!

An art is just the storkes of brush ,and also visions are list of goals

Now comes the bed time maybe after GoT watch ,see the mirror if you find the same smile which you said Hi!in the morning!!! I award you an Oscar for life!