Black Lives Matter Clothing Now Available From Visibly Black

DETROIT, MI— MAY 29, 2020— Visibly Black is continuing to celebrate African American culture by unveiling and offering its latest apparel line: the Black Lives Matter collection.

This summer, customers can find the perfect clothing to “state where they stand”, a phrase often used by the company, from its Black Lives Matter-led small clothing line in the Parkers Alley shopping mall in Downtown Detroit, or on its website at The Black Lives Matter clothing line is made possible via partnership with Leighton Industries, a venture capital and consulting company investing in diverse businesses in the United States.

Black Lives Matter Pride Men’s Tee

Visibly Black’s clothing collections feature a selection of products and gifts from African American-founded brands in the Metro Detroit area including BLACKAZA and I Love You Melanin®, among others.

“Our mission is to build a brand that embodies the cultural values that we want to see in the world,” a spokesman of Visibly Black stated. “With the Black Lives Matter collection, we’re taking this a step further and giving consumers across the country an opportunity to discover and support black-led small business brands.”

I Can’t Breathe Women’s Tee

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About Visibly Black

Visibly Black is a leading specialty retailer headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, that offers high-quality, on-trend clothing, accessories and personal care products at affordable prices. Visibly Black is proud of African American heritage, and the unique role it plays in American culture and tradition. Visibly Black ships to 81 countries worldwide through its websites. For more information, please visit

Visibly Black is a leading specialty retailer headquartered in Detroit, Michigan.