You owe her the chance to talk about these things with you before you make any decisions about what to do next, and the two of you should try to make those decisions together.
Phipps Tips: Gone Guy
Emma Phipps

That’s about the best advice from a non-married person to a married person I think I have ever seen. I would add, if you think you are bisexual, and you actually love your wife, you got it half right when you married her. Follow Emma’s advice here and get the other half right, and who knows where you might wind up.

NOTE: I spent more time thinking about this after I posted it. I still think it is great advice, but it occurred to me that saying “I don’t think I should be married because I think I am bisexual” is roughly equivalent to a straight guy saying, “I don’t think I should be married because I think there might be another woman out there that I might love more.” Unless there is a specific object of your affection, this seems to contradict the concept of marriage. Sure, you may find someone else, and that might be so compelling that you decide to end your marriage for that other person, but it is a bit premature if you just think there might be some other person.

That said, this is something to work out together. Your wife might surprise you, and, in any case there is a relationship and a person worth protecting here. Put in the effort. If it doesn’t work out, at least you tried.

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