Learn To Code In 2017, Get Hired, And Have Fun Along The Way
Andrei Neagoie

With respect to the Impostor Syndrome, as a developer with 35 years in the industry and a non-technical degree (albeit lots of technical skill and interests), I can tell you that it never goes away. It is the sign that you are challenging yourself and learning new things. If you ever lose that feeling, move to a project or job doing something new. In technology, if you aren’t in a little bit over your head, you aren’t keeping up.

Also, while Javascript may be a fine starting point for the purpose of getting employed and getting lots of experience fast, once you are good enough at it to get a good job using it, start looking for jobs that get you “closer to the metal.” Languages and user interface frameworks come and go, but really knowing how computers work makes it easy to take on any task. Other languages to get under your belt: python, Java, C++. Once you have learned Javascript, the rest will be pretty easy to pick up, but each teaches you more about what is really going on under the covers.

I love the Raspberry Pi suggestion. Play with that as much as possible in your spare time, in each of the above languages, and you will grow like a weed in the software industry.

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