Tracking Users to certain areas of your site by Creating Google Analytics Events on the fly just by pasting code

  1. This scripts assumes you are using gtag.js google analytics script.

Detailed Video How to use these to lines of code in your Chrome Browser:

Next Steps

  1. Select the area you wish to track.It may be a div, a text, a link, an image (example: social media icon). selector app
In this case I named the event “Click”, 
Event Category “Social Media — Instagram”,
Event_label “instagram Icon Is Clicked”
Dont forget inside
jQuery("to place here the selector of ig icon inside dblquotes")
‘event’, ‘Click’, {
‘event_category’: ‘Social Media - Instagram’,
‘event_label’: ‘Instagram Icon Is Clicked’,

4. Check results by clicking on instagram link and noticing an event firing live in google analytics Events Section. (Video below)




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