The Alpha Tee

21 Oct

The word Alpha is not just a word, it is a symbol. It represents the first, forefront, the being of something. It is use in the name of products, organizations, ideas and many more Alphas made its way to countless places.

I want a t-shirt design to represent this idea, a new set of font design to represent the word Alpha. The first letter I worked on is ‘A’.

I like this font to have a little pointy cut resemblance the being of things, and have that futuristic style to reflect a new era to come.

When come to the main body of the graphic design, I imagine some non-uniform element forms into the center well define symbol of an ‘a’.

Above this, I put a triangle above it to represent the letter ‘A’ with a line strike through the middle.

Originally published at on October 21, 2015.

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