Social media is any digital platform that allows people to share their expressions and ideas with others. Major sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & SnapChat are all platforms that can make or break a brand. Using social media platforms effectively will cause your brand to serve a supportive community with your products/services. Social media should not be used to only share content, sales or any other marketing tactics with your audience. Social media should be used to converse directly with your audience to understand their feelings and needs from your products/services. Choosing a platform to share and connect…

There are many interpretations of what a “Brand” is and is not. Branding originated in ancient times where tradesmen of all professions imprinted trademarks on their goods and creations to signify the maker and origin. As our civilization grew, tradesmen would also use branding to mark their property for ownership. Based on it’s origin, a brand is a recognizable trademark, symbol, poster, pictorial sign, or hawker that represents a single person, family or organization of trade.

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