Winners, you’ll get VisionVIP: It’s raining Perks

2 min readApr 7, 2023

In 2022, we have teased about VisionVIP, our NFT Cards for our Very Important Players, providing all holders with amazing perks and advantages within the VisionGame ecosystem.

As we gear towards our first sale on VisionOffering , new set of contests on on VisionArcade, first AA game release, release of VisionMove BattleMode, it is finally time to fully unveil what VisionVIP is all about.

One Card to Rule Them All

VisionVIP is VisionGame’s first set of NFTs. Once you connect your wallet to any of our products, if you own a VisionVIP Card on their wallet, you will be able to experience a set of privileges depending on the product you are accessing.

For example, on VisionOffering, our crowdfunding platform for tokens, NFTs, or benefits, a VisionVIP holder can easily get whitelisted, discounts, and an early access to any sale.

On VisionArcade, instead of the “pro” quests, which are a set of objectives that give out the most lottery tickets (normally only accessible by paying with $VISION), are completely free of charge.

When it comes to new game releases, like VisionMove BattleMode, not only is an early beta access is guaranteed, but also VisionVIP holders might automatically be part of a valuable NFTs airdrops.

All of these different perks powered by the VisionVIP card will also depend on the card’s tier..

Is this the centurion experience?

VisionVIP cards come in five different tiers: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Users can upgrade into higher tiers by staking $VISION. When your staking period prolongs, depending on the amount, the VisionVIP cards will automatically upgrade to a desired tier. The higher, exclusive tiers will require more $VISION but with better perks and benefits.

For instance, on our first sale on VisionOffering, Platinum and Gold VisionVIP holders will be able to access the sale 16 hours sooner and Platinum users will also have additional rewards.

Sounds good, but how do I get one?!

VisionVIP Cards would not have a public mint at the moment. Users can only acquire the NFT Cards through our contests, giveaways, or events. For the last NFT giveaway cohosted with MeMusic, 150 out of 300 lucky winners will be able to claim a VisionVIP card.

As we gear towards our first sale on VisionOffering and battlemode release of VisionMove, stay tuned on our channels to participate in events to win a VisionVIP card. Users who are currently registering to VisionOffering or VisionArcade will also automatically be eligible for a random draw for NFTs.

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