2027: The coming wave of indecisive people

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What is indecisive People

Summarizing the visions of more than 1000 entrepreneurs and artists that we’ve studied, we realized something about the youngsters of 2027, dubbed as generation Z. To sum it up in one phrase, they’re starting to look like “indecisive people.”

As we’re moving towards 2027, we can expect a huge wave of new services and products in the areas of food, clothing, dating, work, and housing. People are going to have even more choices than they have now. 
It’s going to become common for these indecisive people to go about their lives with mixed feelings in an ocean of diversified choices.

Let’s take food, for example

People want to buy vegetables knowing exactly where they were made, and cook them with great care. On the other hand, they like food which nourishes them efficiently and saves time. 
Currently, the former is like buying vegetables at CSA (membership-based agriculture) and the latter is buying cereals at Whole Foods. 
In 2027, the former is going to be buying vegetables grown by a trailer near the office parking lot and the latter is going to be buying high protein energy bars made with powdered crickets.

We can’t help but look forward to see such contrasting decisions in action. For the youth, they’ll feel like that by choosing such extreme options, they’ll have the best of both worlds. We can probably say that the future generations will stop picking the safe options.

The picture below depicts what a day in their lives will probably look like .
(Some Images From Startup Companies)

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Here’s a summary of the tendencies of uncertain people:

· I want to avoid conflict
· It’s embarrassing to stay the same
· I want to avoid decisions that can’t be changed
· I hate having labels attached to me
· I sometimes hate being asked about stuff I like
· If someone else can do the job, I’ll leave it to them
· I don’t want to be bound by anything
· I don’t know much about stuff I’m not interested in.

Finally, we can expect people to start accepting services that fit with these indecisive notions.
Take silent disco as an example. It’s a case of mixed feelings where nobody wants to listen to the same type of music but they want to share the space with other people. This is a sign that the modern youth is starting to accept this kind of service.

We definitely want to continue keeping an eye on these “indecisive people” from here on.