It’s Your Birthday not mine.

Today is your day. It’s the one You get to spend remembering who you are and why you are important. Today you get to allow yourself to be fully available to all of the love and joy that surrounds this life you have created.

I’m also envious of you today.

I woke up to your computer singing melodious beep after beep with social media birthday wishes, you didn’t even budge. I saw the gifts your Mother wrapped so preciously in the happiest paper, sitting on the kitchen table this morning. The thing I got for you is under the bed in the back room, and it is super awesome, maybe I should keep it BUT WAIT don’t actually go and look there!!

I get to be an observer; an overseer. I get to watch you from this odd perspective of “happy for you” but also “I wish I was you.”

This day is a celebration of you and all that we love about you.

The following 10 reasons are why today is your birthday and not mine:

  1. It’s August 6th not March 25th.
  2. You are an amazing man that sees nothing but possibility and today you can see the Unicorns of prosperity and the Wack-A-Moles of hope. Today I am at work writing this list.
  3. Today you are an entire year older. It’s a day you get to use as a starting point to change and grow anything and everything. Google calendar just informed me that I have 231 more days to go.
  4. Today you can feel nostalgia for the years that have passed, a joyful melancholy deep in your gut. As each year passes, this knowing of yourself and who you are right now is more and more accepted and loved. I don’t feel melancholy but excitement because I’m older than you and I know this knowing and you’re catching up to me.
  5. Your birthday dessert that is waiting for you later is not Gluten Free.
  6. All of your friends will be surrounding you with fun and energy to raise this day up to you, also knowing that it is not their birthday. So I will be in the majority of not birthdays, another reminder that you will be in the minority of actual birthdays that are today.
  7. Your Mom told us your birth-story the other morning and I have no real memory of coming out of her vagina, so that is another clue that today has nothing to do with me.
  8. We will be playing arcade games instead of hiking the Appalacian Trail.
  9. You have not received a love song specifically written and produced for you.
  10. And the 10th reason why today is your Birthday and not mine is because I will do anything you ask today because I love you and I want to honor the amazing person you are and our partnership by showing you acts of kindness, love and passion.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most wonderful person I know. I am truly grateful I get to go to bed and wake up next to you every day, but especially today.

Love always,