The performance of your website, which is your face in the digital world, tells your customers a lot about both your brand and your product or service.
As shown in the survey results we shared with you in our previous articles, your website has a direct impact on customer loyalty and potential customers’ preferences.
There may be multiple reasons why your website may not achieve the desired sales performance. We have summarized the most important of these reasons and the necessity of web analysis in this article.

  1. Make Sure Your Action Buttons Work

One of the most important problems that annoy visitors to a website and cause your sales/conversion figures not to increase with the desired acceleration is that the buttons cannot perform their functions.
You can quickly find faults that do not work and cause your customers to have negative thoughts about your service/product with heat maps and consol error detection and forward them to your developers.
Thus, both the visitors who are satisfied with the experience of the website will continue to use your brand and you can effortlessly determine which button does not work on your site. …

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said Peter Drucker and we couldn’t agree more with him.

I talked about how important it is for us to research and take advantage of the views of our potential users at different stages of our VisitorLAB journey, one of our efforts to collect feedback from people is surveys. I want to give some number from our recent survey.

As we continued our development process, we conducted a survey of 100 people. From the responses of our participants, we tried to measure how important VisitorLAB features are for our users. As you can see below, we’ve reached valuable information, as visitors directly associate the experience of your website with the quality of your product or service, visitors are open to feedback as long as they are asked, visitors want to see some updates on websites to improve their user experience. …

When we think of a web site, it won’t be wrong to say there are two sides of the coin. As you already know, the first side is the back-end, and the second one is the front-end. As we all know, to build a proper working website your backend codes and frontend codes have to work together in harmony.

But sometimes even though you spend lots of time and money on your web site there may be misfortunes. The modern day’s website visitors can be a bit demanding 1 second delay on your website can reduce your conversion rates by 7%. That’s the answer to why you should always make sure there is no error on your website. However, let’s be honest, to make it without any error could be difficult. …

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It’s simple; because most of the time you only have one shot to gain a customer and your website is the key tool that will designate whether you will get that person or not.

Think about how much budget and how many days you spend on your website, how many times you change your mind while creating it. You endeavor so much because if you’re trying to do business in the digital world, you know that your website is at the center of everything. …

A concert that we missed 11 months ago because of a problem on the website while buying the ticket, has become the inspiration for our new initiative, VisitorLAB, today. We have developed VisitorLAB to make sure that customers will not encounter any problems in the digital world of brands and that brands will not lose any customers due to lack of insights.

As it is said at the VisitorLAB’s motto, See What Your Visitors See, we track online visitors’ user behavior movements on websites and mobile applications and help you to get meaningful data about the customers. …



See What Your Visitors See

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