Announcing: Visitu 1.4.0

A year’s end has always been the perfect opportunity to take a fresh look forward. It’s the time to set new goals and resolve to reach your full potential in the things that matter most. For us at Visitu, that means helping you improve your facility security and sign in visitors as swiftly as possible.

Today we’re happy to announce the release of Visitu 1.4.0. The new release is available in the App store today, we recommend you update as soon as possible to take advantage of the new features.

Here’s a quick rundown.

New Dashboard login page
The Visitu dashboard login screen has a new look.

Who’s Here
The “Who’s Here” page is now the homepage of the dashboard so you can quickly identify who is on campus. You will also now sign out visitors from this page.

Watch List
Use the Watch List to send Email and SMS alerts to specific team members when unwanted or high-profile guests sign in to your facility.

New “Tap to sign in” button
We’ve added a bigger and better sign in button in the middle of the Visitu iPad home screen. This will be especially handy for first-time Visitu users.

Delivery Button
We now offer a delivery button for drivers to notify someone at your office when the front desk is vacant. The delivery icon will appear at the bottom of the iPad home screen and can be used by anyone that has access to the iPad The delivery person themselves or the receptionist can press the button when needed.

Drag/Drop Visitor Information
You can now configure the order of your visitor sign in questions with a simple drag and drop. The drag and drop also works for any custom questions you have configured for your sign in process.

Updated Settings Layout
The iPad App Settings page in the dashboard has a new layout and allows for more configuration. Configuration of the Visitu iPad app sign in process has been broken up into categories to make it easier for companies to navigate.

You can now upload your company logo through the Visitu dashboard.

This app release also includes more features and minor bug fixes brought to our attention from our Visitu community and our own internal testing.

Thank you to all the users who have provided such great feedback. Keep it coming, we’re listening!

- The Visitu Team