Wonderland, building meaningful companies.

Wonderland is a network driven by the believe that the power of entrepreneurship can change the world. Everything around us has been created by those who had the confidence and courage to act. They see solutions where others see problems. They feel the obligation to share their best work with the world. Entrepreneurs are the lifestream of our society and economy. They are the ones who make things happen. They plant the seeds for generations to come. 
After the Second World War, big companies prospered. With more jobs than candidates, many people ended up in beautiful corporate careers — staying in the same company for 40 years until that golden handshake. It became the professional norm and determined what we learn in schools. With the rise of the internet the connection economy came. In the 90’s, starting a software company was still very expensive. Setting up a server rack at your office could cost you thousands of euros. Today it costs you near to nothing and you can do it directly in the cloud. With a laptop and a bright idea, you can reach the world. This changed the rules.

World press photo, Signal by John Stanmeyer, USA

The old giants now face a new kind of competition. Wizkids challenge the status quo and make smart use of new technologies. It’s David versus Goliath, only there are many Davids. The recent financial crisis fuels this paradigm shift. Economic conditions worsen for big companies, whose size and scale are a weapon but also a vulnerability. Endless growth becomes less obvious. As the employers of old hire less and less, the new generation has to rethink its options. They build their own thing and do not wait for permission. They become a force to reckon with. 
Some call this evolution the digital transformation. Other speak of a startup revolution. Whatever the name, it is happening. The economy becomes less vertical and more horizontal. The world is decentralising. Large companies are being unbundled by many small ones. It is the network economy. Those who thrive are the ones who are best in adapting to change. The winners build open and resilient organisations, allowing them to cooperate with talent as it emerges. They detect and act on opportunities. Entrepreneurs who win know how to validate new ideas. They have a reputation for experimentation and constant tinkering. They embrace failure as a step towards success. Big companies that win possess the power to awaken these entrepreneurs within their ranks.
Wonderland can be found on the intersection of the small and large, the startup and the big company, the entrepreneur and the corporate. We are entrepreneurs working from within a big network. We are agile and at the same time we can bring scale. The thing we love most is building meaningful companies for the next generation and helping them grow. All our energy and actions are focused on helping those who want to make a difference in the digital economy. We live and breathe to empower the entrepreneur within.

Written by Kurt Janssens, co-founder in Wonderland.