Animation: The door wider opportunities..!

Animation is the process of creating illusion of motion by dramatic display of series of images or pictures or frames. Cartoons in television is an example for animation. A person who creates animation is called as animator. The movement of creators is experienced by the rapid movement of images with 24,25,30,60 frames persecond

In 3D animation, animated scenes are concocted using computer generated images. 3d animations gives more real effect than 2d animation. 3d animation industry is one of the rapid growing industry today. 3d images are concocted with the help of digital models and their motion is carried out using computer software.

Animators specialize in different fields. Some animators are specialised in concocting animation for video games while some other specialise in concocting animation movies. Some animators are specialsed to create animations only for websites or advertisements. An animator has to work with writers, directors, voice actors and music directors when creating and arranging animated scenes.

There are numerous job opportunities available for those who completed animation courses. Jobs are available in gaming industry, film and television industry, advertising industry.

Specialized knowledge is very necessary to build this animation technical career. To build a career in animation, candidates need to study a combination of art and computer courses including the subjects of anatomy and natural science.The eligibility criteria for joining animation courses in animation colleges is a plus degree