Career Builder for Accountants

An accounting course will help you to achieve a pleasant and brilliant tomorrow. Once you become an accountant you will be talented in handling tax preparation, financial organisations, auditing of companies, and government companies.

ICA certifications

ICA provides variety of accounting courses like tally, taxation courses, banking course, and finance courses. ICA helps each aspirant to acquire jobs in today’s industries. All these accounting courses will help the students to meet the current demands of today’s industry. ICA students are usually got placed in reputed companies.

Let’s discuss about some important accounting courses.


Tally is the easiest one to learn and it also provides the best solutions. It is also easy to configure. Anyone with basic accounts knowledge can handle tally easily.


By learning taxation course, a student will be having an idea about how taxes function in a country. Taxation course will teach a student about how to prepare forms of tax. Taxation course mainly focuses on business taxes, personal taxation and state and federal taxes. The basic concepts taught in taxation course are cost accounting, public resources and expenditures, financial reporting, income deductions and credits, business taxes, and international tax policy.

Banking and finance course

Banking as well as finance courses provides wide variety of career opportunities. You can build your careers in asset management, loan processing, financial planning etc.

SAP certification

In today’s world most of company’s prefer SAP certified candidates as they work on such framework. SAP certification is essential for employees to build their career in business environment. The reason for candidates to apply for sap certification is to get better job. Sap certification in accounting courses will help to boost their career.