Interior Designing- Creative, Innovative Ideas and Designs

Interior designing is a field where an innovative head with bright ideas can shine. It is suitable for a person who loves art, sketches and designs. Interior designer will be a creative personality who can think from scratch to an output. Interior designing is an art but also needs educational qualifications. It is the shaping of ideas and past experience of interior space through manipulation of spatial volume to a creative space for better lifestyle.

Interior Designing Course

The best way to get the skill is to learn the necessary tools which are required for your designing. If you want to become an interior designer you should have a design/art background and basic computer knowledge. It is not necessary that you should have a previous experience with graphical software. There are several interior design institutes who are providing best quality education to the creative heads.

Course Content

The course content includes Introduction to Interior Design, Basic Design, Building Materials, Space Planning, Human Dimensions, IAD Graphics- 2D & 3D, Design Elements, Design Process — 1, Plumbing and Lighting.

Course Highlights

Course highlights includes Studio works such as Technical drawings, model making, freehand sketching & rendering. Space planning of small spaces like modular kitchen, bedroom, modern bath trends, office, corporate guest room etc is another highlight of this course. It also includes Interior Design & details of Studio Apartment, Market survey on building materials. It provides Software Skill specifically in Creative CAD with application of tools on real-time project.

Bachelor of Interior Designing Courses

It is an art or process of designing the interior of a room or building. This course helps to pursue one’s skill and beauty to make the environment beautiful and produce challenging designs to suit modern life. It helps one to become a designer by expressing the visual art, drawing to convey information, express ideas and outline structural possibilities for a better, prosperous and delightful life. Interior Designing Course adopts an inter-disciplinary approach, integrating the subjects of material science and design skills and encourage student to work as interns on live projects with major architects and interior design firms.

Career Prospects

The career have high opportunities in following fields such as Freelance Designer, Interior Designer, Space Planner, Exhibition Designer, Consultant, Stylist, Event Designer. Those who have ideas and designs in mind can apply for this course.

We welcome all creative heads to join for this course. Best colleges for interior designing are waiting for creative heads around the world.