I wanted to tell you this..2

I know i’ve made one colossus decision in my life that i won’t regret going down the lane.The decision which was so clear to me,the decision which was so obvious to me.I didn’t even blink for once while making this my path on which i’d lose myself to get you.I knew this the very moment when my eyes crossed across you,the very moment when that gentle breeze hit me like a storm,the very moment that ground beneath me fissured when you walk past me leaving me afloat in the aroma of your beauty.I just knew..this is it!I don’t have to go anywhere!I am home!It felt so real!It felt as if whatever i was doing before this moment was irrelevant!It felt as if i was reborn that very moment!From that moment i started living so that i could die with you!

I’ve thinking about you just too much off late.Just too much!I am losing control!I shiver at times,cold sets in down to my stomach.I don’t have any fucking idea,why!Is this how love is supposed to be?Am i doing good?But love fills your heart with the divine warmth,so calm,so placid, next to god!don’t they say this all the time!So why i am so turbulent?Why there are volcanos bursting inside me?The only damn thing that i can think of other than you is you!Theres nothing else!You’re everywhere!Why am i letting this to happen when i know how can i put an end to it!Why can’t i just take the plunge and say it once and for all!What you’d do?What can you do?You’d either accept me or discard me,I’d die next to you in both cases!What else!You won’t make me look ridiculous ,like a naive asking for what it can’t even dream of!I know you won’t!You won’t let it turn into a routine affair for you and smoke it out into the thin air,i know you rule many hearts!But my love for you is so pure,so pious,so enormous,it goes way beyond than your earthly appearance,your divine beauty,way beyond that!sometimes i think that i won’t even have to say anything ,you’d just know!You’d just see my eyes and i’d see myself in your tears!That’s how i feel for you!I’m sure my love for you will find its end!I know for sure that only thing that really makes any difference is Love,nothing else.This is what matters the most,above all!Then why i’m afraid of speaking my heart when i know for sure that Love is the only thing that you also seek in the man of your dreams,nothing else!right?RIGHT???…………

To be continued….
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