What can be bought for cryptocurrency?

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VISO team
Mar 5, 2018 · 4 min read

Cryptocurrencies appear at more and more people. Someone has learned how to mine, someone trades on the exchange, and someone makes tasks for bitcoins.

According to some officials, the issue of bitcoin will soon be controlled and all operations on exchange and earnings of cryptocurrency will be equated to the exchange and receipt of wages in foreign currency.

What can be bought for cryptocurrency in Russia?

Payment for goods and services from some account is the usual procedure, and from the fact that e-currency is chosen, nothing changes. In addition, the network space has fairly conventional boundaries and legislation is virtually under its control.

It is possible to buy food and air tickets for the cryptocurrency.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely to get food anywhere for crypto money. The only place where it is possible is the Subway restaurants. This network of restaurants was created by an ardent fan of bitcoins and so he has left the opportunity to pay with cryptocurrency.

Of course, Europe and the US have seriously gone ahead. In these territories, people do not have the question of how to spend bitcoins. From imported brands, known in the Russian Federation, it is necessary to name:

· Amazon;

· eBay;

· Microsoft “Xbox Live”.

Individuals and entrepreneurs, unlike organizations, are free to choose the form of payment themselves. And although in peripheral cities it is unlikely to convince the seller of a used car or a manicurist to accept an exotic coin, in capitals in narrow circles this kind of calculation has circulation.

The capital, as it should be, sets the tone for mastering the new trend. The maximum number of points where it is possible to spend bitcoins is located in Moscow.

· Wheely taxi service.

· Several bars of the Subway network.

· Store Store.bitcoin (office equipment, devices).

· IT clubs with souvenir shops.

The airline, which is not based in Moscow but cooperates with the airports of both capitals, the Latvian airBaltic, is ready to sell tickets for the cryptocurrency. Of the operators who do not sit in the RF, it is possible to name the Polish LOT. It is also ready to work on this system and even to make discounts for such operations.

How to spend cryptocurrency on inexpensive things around the world?

If to discuss different countries, there are a lot of opportunities for spending bitcoins. For example, anyone can buy a diploma or rent a room in some hotel.

A room in some hotel

A room in the hotel can be bought not in a simple hotel, but in the Howard Johnson network! This is a well-known hotel chain and finding a hotel network in the city where you are going to come will not be difficult.

Also, we advise you to visit some sites, where you will find a variety of offers from hotels, as well as air carriers. You pay the site in cryptocurrency, and the site already pays tickets and accommodation from you with the help of the regular currency.


You can try to find flights also on some sites. On some resources, you can book a flight both in one and in two directions. It is also possible to compose a complex route.


You can also pay for training in some countries with the help of bitcoins. The first country that has given students this opportunity is Cyprus. Also, you can pay for training with cryptocurrency at some universities in the United States, as well as in Great Britain.


Yes, you can order pizza with home delivery! Visit pizzaforcoins.com and pay for your order. The site works with such pizzerias as Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Papa John.

VPN service

If you are worried about your anonymity on the Internet, then we advise you to use a VPN connection that changes the place from where your traffic is sent and so you are marked on another geolocation. Attention: not all providers are able to accept payment exactly in bitcoins.


You can buy jewelry in the network selling diamonds Reeds Jewelers. In total, the network has about 60 points of sales and you can buy jewelry in any of them.


Dell, a computer manufacturing company, can accept payments through a third-party service. Just make an online purchase, and when you go to the payment page, choose “Pay with Bitcoin”.


Some online shops offer to pay in bitcoins. Moreover, there are some wonderful resources, where you can choose a cap, a t-shirt and other useful things with the symbols of bitcoin. Payment is made exclusively in bitcoins.

So, VISO gives the clients a lot of opportunities to buy goods for crypto money. It is also possible to make payments from any place with our service!

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