What is waiting for cryptocurrency in the second half of the year?

VISO team
VISO team
Feb 28, 2018 · 2 min read

The end of last year has plunged not only the fans of bitcoin into crypto-euphoria, but also caught a large part of ordinary people, who had only listened to the edge of their ears before and were just watching the subject of digital currencies. The price rises 20 times a year, or 10 times in half a year did not leave anyone indifferent. Those people who had time to earn were very happy. And those who did not have time for that envied.

But as it always happens with fairy tales, they have the property of ending. Then the harsh reality comes. The reality is that anything, purely logically, by common sense, cannot cost huge money. Of course, a definite agreement, some consensus about the prices of coins in society exists. At the same time, it is exclusively psychological in nature. It is regulated by the principle “I believe — I do not believe”.

While everything is growing and everything is fine, the system is developing progressively, but as soon as the storm struck, the value of bitcoin began to disperse like a fog.

It has not disappeared anywhere, the miners are still mining, millionaires and deputies keep it on their cold wallets, calculations in bitcoins continue to pass. Just the flow of crypto-adepts has sharply decreased. More and more often, thoughts like “how can this new jeep cost just three bitcoins?” have started to appear.

So, the cryptocurrencies, which are now being attacked by the banking and conservative state system around the world, have experienced another blow. The bitcoin rate tested a mark of six thousand US dollars.

It is important to notice that its entry into the tailspin was not a surprise to anyone. The release of bitcoin on the serious stock exchanges has opened the opportunity for large players to play against the cryptocurrency. Apparently, the sharks of the financial world expectedly took advantage of this opportunity to properly shave the enthusiastic hamsters.

Of course, this is some cost, at least, but compared with the $ 20,000 that everyone saw at the end of last year, it is just a residual phenomenon.

And if bitcoin has a relatively long-term trend (brand and other things), then Ripple has all the signs of a banal “bubble” that has lived only for a couple of months.

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