10 Unbelievable Laws Around The World

As beautiful as it may be, this world is definitely a weird place! Every country has its own rules and it’s always better to know them when you’re planning a trip abroad, just to be on the safe side.

Here are some incredibly weird laws from around the world. No.8 is hilarious!

  1. Paris — It’s legal to get married to a dead person in Paris. Sounds creepy? There’s more to come!
  2. Singapore — Chewing gum is against the law in Singapore. Next time you visit Singapore, make sure you aren’t breaking this rule.
  3. Bangladesh — Children who are 15 or above can be sent to jail if they are caught cheating in exams in Bangladesh. One strict country when it comes to exams isn’t it!
  4. Australia — In Australia men are legally allowed to cross-dress, just as long as their dresses aren’t strapless. Evening gowns are ok though.
  5. Florida — Gas issues? Hold it! It’s against the rules to fart on a Thursday evening after 6 p.m. in a public place in Florida.
  6. Japan — It’s illegal to be overweight in Japan! This from the country that’s famous for the sport of ‘Sumo Wrestling’
  7. Minnesota, USA — It is illegal to hang female and male undergarments together on the same string in Minnesota.
  8. Samoa, Central South Pacific — This one’s fun. Married women who have their birthdays coming up should plan a trip to Samoa with their husbands. Because in Samoa, you could get him arrested if he forgets your big day. It is officially illegal to forget your wife’s birthday in this country!
  9. Victoria, Australia — It is against the law to change a light bulb if you aren’t a licensed electrician!
  10. Philippines and Vatican — The only two countries where getting a divorce is illegal. Marriages are literally- ‘Till death do us apart’ in these countries.
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