Four Reasons Why Homestays Are Amazing New Year Destinations

The homestay vacation industry works on locals renting parts of their houses to travelers. And in India you can rent one of these charming accommodations in most places from Coorg to Masinaguri. With more and more families choosing homestays for their holiday destinations, some of us are still quite confused about their sudden popularity. However, once you live in a homestay, you are sure to get hooked, and what better time to try one than the New Year? A few reasons why we feel you will love ringing in the New Year’s at a home stay are:

  1. Homestays are nothing like hotels: Homestays are nothing like hotels — and we are saying this in a good way. A homestay provides access to unique activities and events that you might otherwise miss. The hosts’ knowledge is very useful, and they ensure that you miss none of the local treasures, events or festivities and pay the fair price for whatever you purchase. The experience is culturally rich, and immensely satisfying.
  2. Because custom good is the best goods: With owners taking care of operations themselves, you get the most customized services at home stays. You can pre-set the menu based on your tastes, request entertainment options, and have unparalleled attention and care. Meals are home-cooked and authentic, you even get tea brought to your room, make friends, and the aura is familiar and welcoming.
  3. They are great places to bond with family: Homestays are ideal for family bonding since they offer options for gaming with the kids, having movie marathons, barbecues, and cozy areas for conversations. Take the opportunity to play sports with your loved ones — enjoy volleyball, badminton, swimming, or cycling and revitalize the relationships that are important to you. Most home-stays have lovely private living areas for guests’ use where the whole family can spend time together.
  4. They offer new experiences: Many homestays in India offer cooking classes, where they teach you to make handcrafted chocolates, pressed pasta, confectionery items, while others offer to teach you how to make fun indigenous food. You can explore other options like trekking, hiking, wine tasting, and even dancing lessons. Each home-stay has its own wow factor and you always end up going home with some new tricks in your pocket.

Check out a few of our homestay properties in Munnar, Coorg, Thekkady or Hampi and book one for a totally unique new year experience.

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