How to Make Your New Year’s Trip a Super Romantic One

In new relationships there is a certain spark, a certain ‘firework’ factor, and it’s like you can’t even walk two steps without feeling giddy and excited. But as a relationship grows older, and as the bond grows stronger, the butterflies in your stomach begin to settle down.

Some people think that this means that they can never feel the same thrilling exhilaration again. They don’t realize that the butterflies never went away, they are simply waiting to be stirred up again. And one of the most fun ways to bring back the magic of a new relationship is a mini-break, especially around New Year’s Eve.

This is the time of the year when new promises are made, and there is no better way to solidify a relationship than to celebrate with the person you have fallen in love with. So how does one make this trip romantic?

Choose The Right Location: Start with the destination.Choosing a place which not only matches your interests as a couple but also one which can be the perfect passionate backdrop can go a long way in making your partner feel loved. India has a host of quaint hill stations from Manali to Munnar, there is also the luxuriously royal atmosphere of Rajasthan, and the gorgeous beaches of Puri, Pondicherry, and Mumbai.

Make the Journey Count: It can be a great idea to travel by road if you are not going too far from home and the journey will turn dreamy as you listen to love songs, chat incessantly, and stop at night to catch a glimpse of the sky covered with stars.

Turn Your Room Into A Love Nest: Book the perfect hotel room, preferably one with a balcony or verandah for admiring the moonlight, flawless lighting, a large bathtub for a bubbly bath, and the right aura. If you are in a particularly amorous mood, you can even decorate your room with rose petals, chocolates, candles and put on music. Also try aphrodisiacs like truffles, sparkling wine, caviar and cocoa which are love in its edible form.

Take Time to Rebond: Most importantly, take this opportunity to let out your feelings, take initiative and make an effort. Take long hikes, go dancing, swim together, splurge on presents, and forget about the outside world for a few days. Look at your companion smile, and smile back for you are the reason behind it. Enjoy staying in your own little couple’s bubble and the effects are sure to last long after you both go back to the usual humdrum of life.

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