Presenting India’s First App On Instagram

Social networking has perhaps been the most phenomenal thing to have happened to the world since the discovery of fire. There’s no denying the way it has seeped into our everyday lives and become the source of most of the information most of us receive.

We, at Vista Rooms, are really excited about this. As a young brand, we see it as our responsibility to infuse the world around us with energy and innovation.

The structure, information, and ease of navigation you’d find on an app, with the reach of a social networking platform — the newest idea that we’ve successfully implemented brings together the best of both worlds.

We’re thrilled to launch #VistaOnInsta. A quick visit to the @VistaRooms_App handle will open up the world of travel and accommodation for you, with a stay booking of your choice less than five clicks away.

The beauty, of course, lies in the details. The @VistaRooms_App Instagram handle allows you to choose the city you intend to visit. Once you open that image, the tag on it leads to an Instagram handle that showcases your choices of properties in that city. Having landed on the page of your chosen accommodation, a series of images give you a bigger picture of what it looks like, as well as the facilities and services offered to you. Satisfied with your choice, a link given in the Bio takes you straight to the booking page, and voila, it’s done!

Besides, the individual city handles also allow you to explore the culture, food and places of interest in that particular city, each with Instagram handles of their own, making the @VistaRooms_App handle one of interest to every traveler. Before you get there, we’d love for you to know more and get a sneak peek through the #VistaOnInsta experience.

We’re excited about the informative and smooth journey we’re able to provide to users through the @VistaRooms_App Instagram handle. Do check it out now, and spread the good word. :) Follow our brand handle on Instagram @VistaRooms to stay updated on discount offers and contests with exciting prizes in store for you!