5000 Instagram followers in a month : How you can Hit it!

Here I am telling the whole story. If you just want some tips scroll down.

I am a computer science student and I have a passion for photography, however I can’t keep up with it everyday. Instagram is a great place where I looked at photos of great photographers and just admired them. Recently I came to know feature hubs exist that feature photographers for thier Awesome photos. I decided to create a hub of my own And I named it @visual_way . Was very Happy that such a branded user name was Available. Thank to Matthew Clarke who gave such an Amazing custom logo for nothing. Our Starting Stats were:

Followers - 0

Posts on Hasthtag- 1

And we started that way. The results after the end of month are:

Followers - 5139

Posts on Hashtag - 465

How we achieved it. Read on!

Here’s a Screenshot:

So the lessons are:

✓ Content is King

This statement is well known but I would still like too mention it as the very First point. It’s a feature account so we’re posting only great shots. I think that’s the main reason why other account with mediocre photos will not be a able to grow that fast even if you follow the same Step Exactly.

•Tip: as a photographer or as a normal user you don’t have a lot of good photos to post. But avoid mediocre photos completely and only put your diamond posts if you wanna reach the top as soon as possible.

✓A Good profile ensures good returns!

You followed a lot of profiles expecting them to folowback. And no one did! The reason may be your profile that’s totally crap. There are Some parts of the Instagram profile that make all the difference. Here are they:

  • Username — it’s awesome if it’s without any numbers and looks branded as well.
  • Bio — Your bio is to tell your followers who you are in specific. Don’t spam with Emojis here. Give it a professional look. The one that every one don’t has.
  • Three Metrics — The three Metrics that always show on your profile and state your authenticity are post count, followers count and following count. They tell what’s your Level.

Take your time and polish your profile like an diamond. It’s crucial!

✓Post often

It’s really important. You must post on consistent basis. You should try to post once daily but do post only great content. Anything less is meaningless. It’s better to post nothing rather than posting bad photos. Post either in the morning or at late evening. Your personal best time might be different. Keep experimenting!

You can use later (Latergramme) to schedule your post. Give it a try!

✓Follow Targeted People

It is the most delicate way to gain followers. You follow (or engage in some other way) the person who is most probably interested in your account. One such way is to find a similar page and follow everyone. You can then unfollow people who don’t follow back with tools available on the App Store. This way is guranteed to give you 100–200 followers everyday.

✓Engage but not yourself

You always heard that liking and commenting other photos has a positive impact on your followers growth. However it’s not simply possible. There for Instagram bots exist. They do the same while you are sleeping. If you want to pay you can go for any not but if you want it free, I have a way to get it free for 17 days. Here’s how:

You’ll get enough exposure within 17 days. If you’ll pay to get more days I recommend using instaplus and running like and follow setted to like 2 photos on every account. That gives the best results. Have fun!

✓Get Featured/Shout-out

If you are a photographer, hubs feature you for your great photography, for free! But however a shout-out will cost you! The hubs I believe that will feature of you successfully reach them out are:

If you have any other tip tell us via am Instagram DM. We feature photography from #visualway . Keep tagging to get the attention!

Thank you!🙂