“The Best Camera is the one you have” — Best Mobile Shots

If you are a photographer you may probably heard the Famous saying
“The best Camera is the one that you have with you”

And to support this I’m here with my 3 favorite photos that were shot on Mobile.

1. Wahyu Mahendra

Wahyu Mahendra(formerly @iwwm on Instagram) is a great photographer from Bali, indonesia. His pastel like style is very distinct and he stated this photo is first of its kind and inspired him to change his Theme to pastels.

Eric ward or @littlecoal is a recognized photographer. He introduced himself as a blessed father to three childern. His landscape photos most include his kids.

He is founder of iphone photography school. A photographer himself and a photography teacher. He is an inspiration for every iphonephotographer.

We are publishing after a lot of time because team was busy. Now we will publish weekly.

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