Why You Need A Photography style On Instagram

OK, I know you are a amateur photographer and just post what you see and capture. At first it seems all OK. You are posting the best of what you are getting. But it does affects your account badly. Don’t believe me.

Just imagine you are viewing photos from a profile with beautiful landscape photos. You follow and expect you’ll get more of it. That’s why we follow others. But the account starts posting portraits. what will you do is start ignoring Thier posts. And later when you get really aggressive. You tick that damn button and unfollow it.

It’s that simple.

Instagram photos are shown into grids. They should all blend together to make the feed look aesthetics.

Let’s see it.

Feed of StayandWander.

It’s so greatly made. It’s consistent and you can expect something from it. Yes it really works. Numbers dont lie.

The engagement rate is 3.2 .

You have got a argument. One of the most famous accounts on Instagram that is NatGeo has no Style. And they are super famous. Still numbers! The engagement rate is 0.1 .

Do you want to have 10k followers and only get 10 likes. Think Again!

Whatever you do. Just a hold a signature. If your followers can tell that is shot by you just by looking at the pic, you’re good to go.

If you want more examples check-out our Instagram @visual_way.

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